As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Korea on February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, reality TV star, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company (Flipside Fitness), CEO of my own boxing club (Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing), and now I'm launching my 3rd business -- Empowered Clubhouse.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and returned to Toronto, Canada. But then I left again. This time it was for the Philippines. That's where I am now, living in the land of the happy people. The struggles are real and the struggles are many but I'm living life on my terms, I'm calling the shots, and I'm doing what I love. Life is an amazing adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Setting Up the Week... Sunday, December 17

With Balboa off working at The Refined and me home alone, I sat down at my kitchen table to work.  I worked on Empowered and on setting up this week's appointment, goals and schedule.  

This week is going to be a big one.  

On Monday I'll be showing Coach Farah my potential pick for the setup of Empowered and I'll be informing everyone that I'll be moving to BGC.  This also means that I'll be condo-hunting this week too.  I don't know how early I'll be able to move to BGC because a security deposit and few months of postdated checks were required for the rental of my current home.  I can't afford to lose that huge chunk of cash so approaching the landlord about that will determine the next plan of action.  

Flyers for the Empowered Bulge Blast Bootcamp will be printed this week, word of my boxing classes at Hernandez Boxing is going to spread like wild fire, I'm hoping to hand in my legal corporate papers to my lawyer, and I hope to have the rough draft of my Request of Proposal for Empowered location if Coach Farah and I both agree on the location we'll be seeing in McKinley.

It's coming down to the end of 2017 and I feel like the rest of the country is going through it at a snail's pace and being distracted by this and that Christmas party and festivity, I'm barreling towards it with my guns blazing.  

2018 is going to be my year.  It's going to be the year of Empowered.

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