As the story has it, I woke up and found myself on the very opposite side of the globe – the flipside. I arrived February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d simply do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company, Flipside Fitness, and CEO of my own boxing club, Korea's largest -- Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I picked up one day and left. I returned to Toronto, Canada but only to pack up my bags and venture out again. Now I'm living in Makati, Philippines. Life for me is better in Asia and I'm so happy here. This isn't a new chapter in the book of my life though, it's a whole new book I've started!!! I'm a whole new woman. I left Korea with Flipside Fitness on my brain, Hulk's in my heart, boxing in my bag, and my four-legged friend Balboa Button by my side.

Life is an adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Party Time at Elite with Elite

Even before I arrived at the boxing club, I could hear the coaches from my condo.  
Showed up and realized why.  They had a karaoke machine and were having way too much fun with it.
Lots of singing was accompanied by lots of food.
I tried chicken liver for my first time today.  I'm not a fan.  Chicken liver in the Philippines 
and Chicken feet in Korea.. can't we just stick to eating chicken breasts, please?!
Games at a boxing club Christmas party get physical?!  Of course.
This was probably the funniest game I've ever seen.  Each team had to make sure their members fit on the paper when the music stopped but with each round the paper got smaller and smaller.
Me and the coaches, trainers and front desk staff of Elite Boxing, Makati.

The Sweetest of Sweet... Saturday, December 16

I think the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me in the Philippines happened tonight.

I was invited to the Elite Boxing Club Christmas party and when I arrived I was confused as to why it was just the coaches there.  Coach Bogs was busy using the karaoke machine and others were setting up the food table.  I was the only client there.  Turns out it was their staff Christmas party, for staff only.  


There was that moment of realization where I just stood there speechless and smiling.  I was touched.

My high from the sweetness of the invite came to a nasty crash in the evening though.

I'm moving.

I'm moving to BGC in the new year, just not sure on the finer details like where exactly and when.

I don't anticipate having to leave my boxing club though; I'm convinced I can make it work.  I just have to figure out if I can store most of my equipment at the club and the 4.3km distance between BGC and Makati will be my new boxing warmup.  The jog back will be the challenge.

Makati no longer makes sense except for my training.  Both Elite Boxing and Hernandez Boxing are here.  I train in here in Makati but am launching Empowered either in BGC or McKinley, my business partner is in BGC, and BGC is where all my business meetings and dealings go down with of course the exception of my bootcamps.  

Friday, December 15, 2017

From the Traffic to the Dance Floor

 Traffic in the Philippines... the issue is big, the struggle is real.
This was McKinley road today, around 11:30am.  It's not even rush hour but check out how crazy busy it is.  I take this road to BGC and today I jogged it.  Beat all the drivers stressed in traffic.

Morning run and evening boxing.
A day of training, a day of dripping sweat... a day in my life as a pro athlete.
Got a chance to let loose a bit tonight.  Coach K was working the crowd over at 
The Belle & Dragon with his sick beats (music) so I headed over to check it out for a bit.

Trying to Dodge Disappointment... Friday, December 15

The hardest part of my entire week isn't stepping into the ring to spar, it's not in getting in double doses of training, and it's not in attending meeting after meeting for Empowered.  

The hardest part of my entire week is Saturday morning, 8am.

I wake up every day at 8am but my Saturday 8am wake up is rough because it comes after an evening of messaging that week's participants for my Empowered bootcamp.  At 8am on Saturday, I turn on my phone and in come messages from participants backing out for this reason or that.  Whether their reasons are legit or not isn't the issue, it's that I've planned a workout for them and have been looking forward to coaching them.  And with every participant that drops out last minute my planned bootcamp then has to be suddenly altered.  It's hard to plan for a bootcamp when I know that come Saturday morning plans have to be suddenly scrapped, altered and adapted with such little time to do so.  

It's discouraging, stressful and a bit heartbreaking to have members cancel on me on such a last minute notice.  I'm not mad at them because I know I take it more to heart than I should, but it does make for a hard morning to wake up to on Saturday.  

Today I decided I wasn't going to do that to myself again; I needed a mental break from it so I decided to only text message two of my girls.  

I experienced this with Flipside Fitness in Korea, members cancelling last minute for my boxercise classes, so I've come to expect it.  It doesn't mean it's not discouraging though because it still is.  The key is in launching the official location.  That was the key with Flipside Fitness.  With Flipside, I sold punch cards for my classes, this time with Empowered though I sold 4 week camp sessions.  The 4 consecutive week sessions add much more security for me compared to the 10 class punch card sold with Flipside but it's in between when the ladies finish camp and start up their next one that is the issue.  

In the new year I'm going to have it that participants have to pay before the camp, something that I wasn't able to do because I didn't have a bank account but now I have access to one.  I anticipate the boxing class at Hernandez Boxing in Alphaland City Club being a big hit but my members from Empowered will have limited spots available because the class will also be offered to current members of the City Club.  Am still working out the details on that. 

Perhaps I shouldn't have commented on the above, what I find most discouraging, but that's just who I am.  I am very much an open book like that and I tell it how it is.  I know I have to screen a lot of things from my homepage being that I have two businesses and what I say very much reflects on them both but I think people like it more when I am open and make myself vulnerable.  I may be a business entrepreneur and a fighter but I'm very much a real person and sh!+ that stinks to the average person also stinks to me too.  I think if there were more interaction between myself and my readers I'd be more translucent and open but I really don't know who reads my homepage or why.  Commenters usually stick to private messaging me as oppose to leaving public comments on my page for others to respond and react to.  I guess they're just as private as I can be.  

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Getting Back Into It

 My kisses and extra cuddles with Balboa had to be put on a hold as today I headed into boxing for training.  It's the first time I've left my condo building since being sick and I think Balboa was 
I'm back!!!  I'm not fully up to par with how I was just last week though.  Skipping made me almost puke in my mouth and I got dizzy shadow boxing, but I'm trying.

I've Returned... Thursday, December 14

Boxing in the morning and business in the afternoon... and in the evening... and into the wee early hours of the morning.

If only I could clock in how many hours I've spent on Empowered, I'd be close to retirement.

Okay, so maybe that's a far stretch but I have spent so much time and effort on building it.  

I finished creating the Empowered FitSquad Mentorship Program for the Bicutan Drug Rehab Centre today and I got the seal of approval from Coach Farah.  Tomorrow I'm going to send it off to them.  

I have more or less decided on where to situate the Empowered Clubhouse but am not really disclosing it to anyone beyond my business partner (Coach Farah) and business mentors.  I did however disclose it to my Uber driver today when what's usually a 25 minute Uber turned into almost an hour.  I picked his brain about my location and he gave me a thumbs up for it.  It's Uber-approved, nice.

I headed off to BGC for a meeting today that got pushed back a few hours and then never happened because of their busy schedule.  It's being rescheduled which isn't a problem but it meant I showed up at The Refined at 5pm for that and then ended up staying till about 9pm.  

I tried to go to bed around 1am but then got into quite the lengthy discussion about defining the business roles and being the CEO.  I think the best at night, which is really not a good thing in that I think hard and I think long, so I end up staying late.  I think I went to bed around 3am.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alive and Still Working

 I AM alive, despite not having left my condo building since Monday.
 Am going stir crazy but I've found a balance between following the doctor's orders and getting work done... working in bed.  I should note that if I emailed or texted you in the past two days, I probably was questionably clothed and by "questionably clothed" I mean pretty much naked.
The perk of being sick is all the time I get to spend with this gorgeous little man.

My Detailed Proposal... Wednesday, December 13

I'm still sick, Day Two, and just as NOT fun as Day One but today I was a lot more productive.

On Monday I had a business meeting at the Bicutan Treatment Rehabilitation Centre and I left there really wanting to help out, really wanting to make a difference, but picking my brain with how we can make this possible. 

If only money wasn't an issue, the things I'd do.  I'd love to do more but money is an issue though because I don't have it and I really can't afford to spend the little I do have on going way out there and back when I could be further building Empowered.  The financial strain it'd put on me would be too much and the only thing I could possibly give up to even consider making what they want happen would be to stop paying for my boxing and stop buying food.  Training and food, the necessities of my life here in the Philippines and the only two things I can barely afford.  

The struggle is real... but anyways... 

Coach Farah said something at the meeting that sparked quite the idea in my little Polish noggin.  Instead of training the female patients, why don't we train the staff to train the patients.  It's like what's more helpful, giving someone a fish or teaching them how to fish?!  Exactly.

And with that I spent my day creating what I have labelled "The Empowered FitSquat Mentorship Program".

I want to proposal to Bicutan the launch of a three month trial of our mentorship program and the see were it goes.  If it goes well, then we can discuss the next steps.  If it goes belly up and flops, then we can consider it an experience for the books and either change it up or go our own separate ways.  Either way, both parties really have nothing to lose.

My only real request, travel compensation.  

From my place in Makati, it's roughly a $10-12 Uber ride.  But then that's only one way, so that's $20-24 for a round trip.  Super expensive when you consider here in the Philippines my Uber rides are usually no more than $5 one way ($10 round trip).  

Tomorrow I'm going to edit it more, let Coach Farah look over it and then send it to Bicutan.

Let's hope this happens.  The potential for it to really bring life and empowerment to those women at the rehab centre is so great.  I really want to make this work, I want this to make a difference.  I know it'll make a difference in not only the lives of those patients but also the staff and in me too.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fighting Charlie

Spent most of my day like this, right here... flopped out on my bed because I was sick.
I managed to get some work down but kept it to working on it in my bed so that whenever I felt a bit dizzy or weak I could just flop down on the pillow beside me to rest it off.

He's Back... Tuesday, December 12

Yesterday I was on a roll and today I totally took a face plant. 

TKO on account of bad water.  I didn't feel so good last night and then today I woke up totally sick.

Guess who's back... Charlie the amoeba!!! 

This is his third offense, damn it.

Yesterday I drank some coffee and had a glass of water.  I'm pretty sure that water was from a water tower but I noticed that the coffee really wasn't hot.  I love my coffee hot.  

Perhaps the water for it wasn't boiled.

Perhaps the water for it was from the tap.

Regardless, I'm sick and now it's a toss up with where I spent most of my day, flopped on the bed or sitting on the toilet.  And to think yesterday the week started off on such a positive note.  The week was full of much anticipation and much expectations... and then Charlie had to butt his ugly, mean head back into my life.

Go away Charlie!!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Harsh Reality

Today my business partner and I met with the Chief of Bicutan DOH TRC -- a drug rehabilitation and treatment centre where patients are court-ordered to reside here no less than 6 months.
We got the grand tour of the facility and this basketball court 
would be our area if our proposal is accepted.
The entire area surround the drug rehab centre is quite intense.
We passed by military soldiers lining the curbs, taking a break, and then we passed by a massive group of police cadets doing some physical training. (see picture above)
Then we were shown the local Quezon jail, just down the road from the rehab centre.
I don't think you can really see it but the yellow material is actually the clothing of the inmates that they've hung out the window.  It's an overpopulated jail where inmates can be seen hanging their arms out the window and crowded in their cells.

Trying to Help... Monday, December 11

There are definitely those moments in life when you realize just how blessed you are to have had the opportunities you've had, the people in your life and the life you've figured out for yourself via the influences of both the opportunities and people you've experienced.

Today was one of those days for me.

I really try not to think of any "what ifs" when thinking about the past but today I was all about them.  

What if I hadn't been born to the parents I had?
What if I hadn't grown up in a religious home?
What if I had got engaged to my first boyfriend?
And the biggest one of all, for me, what if I hadn't left Korea?!

As much as I want to debate and ponder such possible "what ifs" in my life, I think I would have turned out alright, regardless, with the exception of not leaving Korea that is.  That would have killed me.

But today I walked among a massive crowd of individuals whose life didn't turn out quite as positive as mine.  They're all under court order to live there, at the drug rehab and treatment centre.  I don't doubt that they ponder the "what ifs" in their life.  Regardless, they're on the road to recovery and I'm happy for them.  Many don't have the chance or opportunity to recover.  So many get so lost and so many die.  I for one have never tried a drug in my life.  My parents installed a fear in me with regards to it.  They made it out that even a simple cigarette could open the gateway to drugs, a life of perpetual downward spiralling, a life of having crack babies to support your crack addition.  Sounds intense and extreme, I know.  Try being a 12 year old kid being told that.

Everyone at the centre was very pleasant to us, both staff and patients, and I was quite intrigued when they asked us if we wanted a tour.  It was a big "hell yes" from me.  I was even more intrigued when they asked us if we wanted to meet one of the youngest female patients.  She was a 15 year old girl who approached me with a little skip in her step and a big smile on her face.  She wore a white t-shirt and pink shorts like the rest of the female patients.  She looked cute, like a little child, and she was a child but with a star tattoo on her neck and a name tattooed on her arm, she didn't live like a child.  Of course there was also the fact that she was there, living at the rehab centre.  As young as she was, her drug addiction had already become such a problem that the court had ordered her to seek help.  "How is that even possible?" I asked myself.  How does a 15 year old even get money to buy drugs let alone know how to buy them?!  Questions upon questions flooded my head, all of which I seriously didn't want to answer because it just made me sad to think about it.  She's only 15 but she has clearly lived a life that is well beyond her years.  When I was her age I think I was still playing with Barbies.

The reason why I went there today, why we Empowered went there, was to meet with the staff and discuss how we can help out.  The initial idea was to do a pro-bono one time bootcamp for the female patients but then the rehab centre noted that they wanted their female staff to also participate in it.  I was very optimistic to meet and talk with them but in meeting some of their patients and staff, and in hearing their stories, I am all that more eager to help them.  If money wasn't an issue and I didn't have bills to pay, I'd make creating an empowered physical training program from them my top priority.  I'd be there every day.  They're changing lives, they're helping people, but with over 600 patients, it's hard to manage it and really make an impact.  I get it.  I totally get it.  

I actually know someone who just recently was released from this rehab centre.  He lived here for a year and for that year his family and friends weren't allowed to visit him.  I thought about that when I was there today, the notion that I was probably one of the few from "the outside" that these patients would ever interact with.  You could feel it too, their curiosity about us.  Many of them peered into the office during our meeting while others stopped to say hi to us or watch us as we walked throughout the facility.  We got to sit in on a women's abuse seminar and when we walked in, the entire crowd present whipped their heads around to look at us and then they all started chattering away.  We were but a rare occasion visitor.

The reason why I went there today, why we Empowered went there, was to meet with the staff and discuss how we can help out.  The initial idea was to do a pro-bono one time bootcamp for the female patients but then the rehab centre noted that they wanted their female staff to also participate in it.  I was very optimistic to meet and talk with them but in meeting some of their patients and staff, and in hearing their stories, I am all that more eager to help them.  If money wasn't an issue and I didn't have bills to pay, I'd make creating an empowered physical training program from them my top priority.  I'd be there every day.  They're changing lives, they're helping people, but with over 600 patients, it's hard to manage it and really make an impact.  I get it.  I totally get it.  What they want from us though isn't realistic for us to take on though.  They want a continual program that's at least once, hopefully twice, a week.  With juggling my own training, bootcamp coaching, and the startup of Empowered, I really can't designate two afternoons a week.  Today I only went there for a meeting but it meant I had to leave my home around 12pm and I didn't get back until shortly after 7pm.  To try to cut down on my traveling expenses, I walked about 4kms to meet up with my business partner, then we drove to my friend's house who works for the centre.  She then drove us to the centre.  

Now my goal is to figure this out.  I do want to help but I have to make sure that it fits what they're looking for and fits not only my budget but my tight schedule.  

The struggle is real.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Feeling Loved

As grown up as my little Balboa is, he still gives his mama kisses.
Here he is, stepping up for a kiss goodbye before he goes off to work.
After a long day of work, he returned to find himself all cuddled up in my arms.
Attended my first Christmas concert here in the Philippines, hosted at my church.
Me trying to sneak a picture of the Filipino hottie who sat beside me.

A Musical Celebration... Sunday, December 10

As I sat in the church congregation with the pews packed with people and the voices of the numerous choirs filling up the church, I couldn't help but giggle.  Up on one of the displays screens showing the song lyrics to the Christmas carols being sung, was a picture of a pine tree and snow flakes falling.  

I wondered how many people there have ever seen a real pine tree, the typical Christmas tree.  And I wondered if any of them even knew what a real pine tree smelt like.  They have Christmas trees here like they do in Canada but of course they're fake.  The smell of freshly cut pine trees is no where to be found in the air nor are pine needles scattered on the ground from a family who just picked out their Christmas tree.

And then there are the snow flakes.  I asked Coach Bogs if he's ever seen snow and he told me no.  I wonder how many other people here have never seen snow.  They've never made a snowman, got into a snowball fight, and they've never had the joy of making a snow angel.  

I'm quite alright not having to deal with the snow that comes with winter in Canada but no snow for Christmas, now it just doesn't feel like Christmas.  But for that moment while I listened to the Christmas concert, it actually felt like Christmas for me.  Christmas was in the air.  They had eleven choirs from surrounding churches and schools perform, and they even had an orchestra.  It was a two hour concert that was quite beautiful; the entire event was awesome.  I loved the orchestra and they sang some of my favourite Christmas carols.  It felt just like how I remembered Christmas.

...and then of course I left the church to go home.

I opened the church door and the blast of heat from the Philippines instantly reminded me that I was miles upon miles away from having a white Christmas.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Business and Boxing

Launching a free event hosted by Empowered Clubhouse...
the Holiday Bulge Blast Bootcamp!!!
 Saturday night at my kind of club, the boxing club.
Say hello to my little friend.  

Going Forward... Saturday, December 9

Coaching my Empowered bootcamps at Ayala Triangle have been getting me more attention than I anticipated.  I'm definitely not complaining.  I was casually watching the Makati Story Instragram Stories and happened to recognize me.  Someone had come to Ayala and captured me on video with their phone.  I don't know if I'm flattered or creeped out.  A couple approached me today, right before my coaching, to inquire about my bootcamp.  And I've even had several people within the community reach out to me via social media and ask to meet me at Ayala Triangle for a picture with them.

It's all very flattering but flattery doesn't pay my bills.  It does however spark the interest of possible future investors.

Today I settled the finer details and launched the ad for my next Empowered project -- the Empowered Holiday Bulge Blast Bootcamp.  It'll be a free bootcamp for all ladies who want to attend and the only thing I'm asking is for them to join the Empowered Clubhouse group page and click "going" on the event so that I can plan accordingly.  The goal is to get a solid group of 20 participants but, of course, the more the merrier.

In the early evening I headed over to Elite for boxing and when I dropped my gear down I was called out.  A man training with Coach Jasper in the ring was calling my name.  "Don't worry, I'm not one of your Instagram stalkers", he joked.  Turns out it was non other than the actual owner of Elite.  Meeting him and seeing him was definitely a first and he was nothing like how I had envisioned him to be.  He was very nice and extremely encouraging of me wanting to sign for a fight and with regards to Empowered. 

Friday, December 08, 2017

Every Day is Slay Day

 It's hard to stay motivated, I am all too familiar with the struggle.  I've got struggles people don't even know about.  But I try to stay positive and try to stay in love with what I'm doing.
I'm curious, who has bigger muscles?!  Him or I?
The correct answer is ME... slayed that competition... hahaha.

Testing Me, 1-2-3... Friday, December 8

Sometimes I think that God is constantly testing me, seeing just how far he can push my patience, stretch my perseverance, milk my dedication, and test to see if I really want what I want.

Feeling definitely tested today.

Tested with my motivation to go training.
Tested with my passion to continue fighting for Empowered.
Tested with my ability to continually crunch numbers and make my limited money go further.

In university I was homeless for a little over two months. 
In Korea I resorted to food handouts and washing my hair in the movie theatre sink.
In Mexico I begged for fruit. 

I feel like I've gone through some hard times.  I know hard times build hard people but how hard of a person does God seriously want me to be?!  I was homeless in university but continued to attend school and graduated.  When I was making Hulk's in Korea, I couldn't pay my electricity and I borrowed money off a "group of people" I can not say to finish making Hulk's but I did it.  I made it.  I had nothing to eat in Mexico and I didn't speak Spanish but I found a means plus I scored a huge Mexican fan following in the process. 

My latest challenge is food.  I don't have enough money for food.  In a week and a half I have to pay my monthly membership at the boxing club too, for my training, and I don't have money for that either.  And don't even get me started with it being Christmas.  Skittles' birthday is Christmas Eve.

Buying a Starbucks coffee is now a luxury I can't afford.  The price of that one coffee can buy me my next meal so I save my money for my meals.  And I've been trying to walk every where instead of taking an Uber.  People laughed and were shocked that I walked to BGC the other day and I joked about only have 5Php in my pocket but seriously that was all the money I had on me.  

"God doesn't challenge you to test your budget, he challenges you to test your faith", a friend told me.  Consider both my budget and faith tested though... and running very, very low.  I've been in the Philippines now for 8 months and the struggle has been real.  Continuous and real, but now it's a new real... really hard.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

One Super Busy Thursday

 What should have been a simple task of picking up a gift for the coaches turned into quite the event.
The event of the day though really was The Refined's grand opening party.
The place was gorgeous.  It was packed with proud supporters, everyone looked so beautiful, Skittles looked so handsome, and I was so proud and humbled that he included me in his thank you speech.
The Refined may be a men-only kind of place but a man wouldn't be a man if it weren't for us women.  Tonight I met up with a lot of inspiring fierce females.
Indulging in a little sweet snack before going home.  I must admit though, I really don't eat sweets and this brownie, wow, it was so small but it packed a mean sugar overdose.
Best part of my day was returning home to this guy, Mr. Balboa Button.
The life experiences shared with this guy are something so many people will never know or never fully understand.  Only he and I know.  He's seen the hardest and the best of times with me.

Too Close... Thursday, December 7

Plans for today:
  • Pay the electricity bill across town.
  • Pick up a small birthday gift and deliver it to Elite Boxing.
  • Photoshoot for the new private group boxing class I'm launching.
  • Boxing with Coach Kristian at City Club.
  • Attend the grand opening party for The Refined.

What wasn't in my plans for today was having a near death experience with one overly aggressive K-9 unit dog up but apparently that's what happened.  

Here's what went down...

After heading out to pay the electricity bill for my condo, I went to Tim Horton's Coffee Shop.  Today was Coach Bog's birthday, yesterday was Trainer Alvin's, and I wanted to get them both something small to celebrate their special day.  Coffee and timbits.  I figured it'd be fun to teach them a bit of Canadian culture -- what makes Tim Horton's so Canadian, what is a double-double, what is a timbit, etc.  With the coffee and box of timbits in a bag, I then had to walk it over to the boxing club.  Upon walking there though, I had to pass by the Canadian Embassy and their two K-9 unit dogs out by the street, sniffing the cars for inspection.  We had passed them going to Timmies so I didn't think anything of passing by again as we then headed for the club.


The first dog instantly got so incredibly aggitated at the sight of Balboa.  He jumped up and down, trying to escape the officer's grip but the officer kept on pulling him down and yanking on his leash.  Balboa and I continued pass and then I heard something metal hit the crown, like a bracelet.  It was the metal link that attached that particular dog's collar to its leash.  That dog then made a mad dash for us and as it struggled to get through the metal fence that separated us, I yanked Balboa behind me and got ready to fight it off.  I instantly got ready to kick that dog.  Thankfully it struggling in the fence bought the officer enough time to run and tackle it but then there was the issue of the second K-9 dog.  It too started to get all worked up.  And then I noticed in yanking on Balboa's leash he had come free from his collar.  I noticed this when I looked down and saw Balboa then approach the second dog.  They stood but only a couple of feet from each other.  Balboa free from restraint and totally carefree and those two K-9 dogs all incredibly aggitated and super pissed off.  I then called Balboa over, he came, then I put his collar back on and walked away.  

Trust me, everyone that was in the area stopped and watched as this dramatic scene unfolded.

It was definitely a too close for comfort situation and I felt sick to my stomach over it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Energy is Contagious

Arrived at the boxing club all stressed but I knew if I just got myself there then I'd feel so much better.  Mission accomplished. 
Nothing like getting punched in the face to really refocus you 
and redirect your attention and energy.
Sparring snapped me out of my funk and seeing a friend return 
to training helped to lift my spirits. 

Work, Work, Work... Wednesday, December 6

How today went down...

10am -- 12:40pm       Boxing at Elite -- 6 rounds of sparring with Coach Bogs.
1:30pm -- 6pm          Work on Empowered

          • rough floor plan for potential McKinley location
          • monthly financial predictions
          • update Live Plans proposal write-up
          • touch up the corporate papers details
          • rough draft of subscription letters for investors
          • respond to real estate agent
          • set up next week's meeting at the women's correctional facility
          • prep stuff for tomorrow's photo shoot
          • outline for the new boxing group class
          • contact potential suppliers for delivery updates 
          • work on investor details                                  
7pm -- 8:20pm          Coached the Empowered bootcamp at Ayala Triangle.
8:30pm -- 9:15pm      Walked to The Refined.
11pm                      Arrived back at home.                   

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Refining Myself

In anticipation of a photo shoot this week and The Refined's grand opening party, 
today I got my hair done.  Got my hair did.
And getting my hair done meant getting some sick, sick lines.
I may not be allowed to get any of the services here at The Refined but I am allowed to use their lounge for business meetings and work.  The fact that there's a gorgeous guy that treated me today to the bestest of the best cappuccinos was a pure added bonus.
Returned home and this was my point of view for pretty much the rest of the day -- working on Empowered and looking down at my beautiful sidekick, Balboa.

Inspiration Ponderings... Tuesday, December 5

...and just when you think about giving up, remember, you may be the inspiration others look to.  

That sounds kind of like a grand gesture kind of statement, so bold, but it's so true. 

For me, I find inspiration from the coaches at Elite.  When I come to training and see them giggling and jumping around.  Trust me, they're literally jumping around, like jumping beans.  I'm convinced they either drink too much coffee or there's something in the water they're drinking.  The coaches at Elite work such long hours, from open to close.  The club opens at 6:30am and closes at 10pm but I doubt they actually close on time.  Needless to say, that makes for a super long day.  So when I show up and am feeling already a bit beat up because of the stress and pressures I carry, I feel like seeing them gives me a second wind.  Seeing them reminds me that I really am so blessed.  To complain that my business launch is going much slower than I want and that this and that isn't happening or is, well, I really can't complain.  

Even I don't want to hear my first world problems.  Can I label them that?  Is that what they are?!


I went to Elite to train tonight and while I was grabbing some water, one of the coaches approached me.  He wanted to introduce me to someone, a guy who apparently has watched me box.  I know many of the members, maybe not by name but by face, but I don't recall meeting this particular guy.  When I reached out to shake his hand, he blurted out "you're my idol".  I giggled and was flattered but told him "oh gosh, I shouldn't be but thank you so much."  

And right there I knew I was wrong in saying that.

We all know our own personal shortcomings and are our own worst critics, but when someone says a compliment to you, you should take it and say thank you.  Don't be so hard on yourself because the truth of the matter is you never really know who you may be inspiring.  And that brings me to anther point, something I was discussing just the other day with a girl at the boxing club.  Sometimes you have to be inspiring to be inspired, like tonight.  

I had gone to boxing late because I wanted to train without my coach and I knew the energy of everyone there would help pump me up for a hard session.  I consider myself very much a familiar member of Elite and I really try hard to encourage those around me.  Whether it's commenting about an awesome kick combo they did, a hard punch they landed, or how I'm relieved to see someone sweating just as much as I am, I'm always trying to motivate those around me.  Energy is contagious, both good energy and bad energy, so I'm always careful to make sure I bring positive energy to the club and let it spread like wild fire.  

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired to train hard but some of the big guys were training tonight and they always catch the eyes of others training.  I felt a bit pressured to train hard, to show them that us females can turn heads too so I went to town on the heavy bag, round after round.  At the end of several rounds, one guy came up to me, introduced himself to me and asked me if I was heartbroken.  "No, why?" I asked.  "Because you beat the crap out of that heavy bag as if it was an ex-boyfriend".  And just like that I was inspired to keep it up. 

Being inspired is hard but sometimes you're the inspiration others need and sometimes you have to be inspiring to be inspired.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Open Your Mind and Mouth

I don't always cook but when I do, 9 out of 10 times it's something packed with protein.
Tonight I cooked up my body weight in protein-packed pancakes.
One serving packs a lean, mean dose of 34g of protein.  I made two servings and then beautiful one I shared it with was quite surprised that they tasted super delish.  
I wasn't surprised.  My pancakes bring all the boys to the bar.

Slaying It... Monday, December 4

It's Monday... correction, it's MONSLAY and boy did I slay it.

If slay is the new trendy word with my Empowered sisters and the boxing coaches at Elite than today I was the poster child of what it means.

I slayed it today!!! Monslay.

The next big thing for Empowered is setting up another large scale bootcamp but at a female correctional facility here in the Philippines.  They already like our idea but next week I'm meeting up with those in charge to sort out the details and make this happened.  I'm super excited about it.  

Last week I saw some possible locations for Empowered and today I was contacted about two more possibilities.  I did like one of the three I saw last week and so I inquired about some additional construction work I wanted to do with it.  It's a smaller-than-wanted space but if they accept my idea then the space could be exactly what we're looking for.  Plus, the fact that it totally fits within our budget and is actually a lot cheaper than we were expecting to pay is a huge perk.

This Thursday I'll be doing some promo pictures at Hernandez Boxing Club for the Empowered boxing classes I'll be launching there.  So I have a photo shoot in the morning, then training with Kristian.  Kristian is an amazing coach and friend, and he's been super supportive with not only my business venture but also with my boxing.  

This Thursday is also the grand party for Skittles' business, The Refined.  Rumor has it about 150 have been personally invited to it.  I wouldn't miss it for the world!  Two of the coaches at Elite might be dropping by to pay him a visit so that's very sweet.  I can already anticipate them teasing me the next day at training for seeing me in a dress at the party.  My dress for the party, it's called "The Naked Dress".  I've worn it before but it's one of those dangerous dresses that you can't wear anything but the highest of confidence with it because, well, like the name implies, you're pretty much walking around naked.  Skittles is up in the air with which suit of his he's going to wear but he always cleans up really, really well so I'm feeling a bit of pressure to be at least somewhat close to par with his prettiness.  

I slayed it at boxing today though I must admit wearing a long sleeve second skin top made me feel somewhat distracted and confined.  The fact that that shirt retained water and stayed soaked wasn't an issue until I left the boxing club and entered my condo.  One blast from the front lobby air con and instantly I was freezing and shivering.  But at training, the shirt was good.  I don't consider myself to have a big chest but one thing I hate having is baring my chest... in and outside of the boxing club, actually.  I just don't want to be self conscious of how my body is moving and what others can see of it so I try to wear high necklines on my tank tops.  Today's top was the highest neckline.  Perhaps I need to find something not as high.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Working It

Spent my Sunday evening working up a sweat.
I had posted this pictures on Instagram with the following caption:
The best things in life make you sweat, like boxing, exercising, coffee, spicy food, a hot bath, the sun, and... ?!
Many people liked it but no one commented.  They're no fun... hahaha.
 Working on myself, for myself.  Better than yesterday.
And while I was at the boxing club, slaving away at the heavy bag, Balboa 
was off at The Refined working... like a boss.