As the story has it, I woke up and found myself on the very opposite side of the globe – the flipside. I arrived February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d simply do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company, Flipside Fitness, and CEO of my own boxing club, Korea's largest -- Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I picked up one day and left. I returned to Toronto, Canada but only to pack up my bags and venture out again. Now I'm living in Makati, Philippines. Life for me is better in Asia and I'm so happy here. This isn't a new chapter in the book of my life though, it's a whole new book I've started!!! I'm a whole new woman. I left Korea with Flipside Fitness on my brain, Hulk's in my heart, boxing in my bag, and my four-legged friend Balboa Button by my side.

Life is an adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Party in the Park and then at The Pennisula

The battlefield is all set up... bring on the women and bring on the sweat!
It's not about not having time, people have the time they just don't have it as a priority.
A truth fact and something I'm happy to help the ladies out with.
I was treated out to a beautiful breakfast out at Wholesome Table.
Everything is organic and everything is delish.  
The fact that it was a special treat made it all that more delish for me though.
Dang, check out these random guys I came across while walking around Makati.
And how about these guys too?!  They're beauties.  If I got to pick one, I'd go for the Beetle.
Headed back over to where I had spent part of my birthday celebrations.
With friends visiting from Toronto, I wanted to share with them on of my favourite night life places here in Makati.  They loved it.

Today On Facebook... Saturday, September 23

I don't live in Korea anymore, I left 2yrs ago after 11.5yrs.
I don't live in Canada anymore, I was only there for 2yrs.
I live in the Philippines, I've been here for 6 months. 
If you don't know the above then you're really in no position to ask me personal, private questions because we're not close. That's not me being rude, that's me being honest.

I've had a few people randomly message me the past few weeks and ask me about Korea which in every single case implied that they had no idea I don't still live there.  It's one thing for people to not know I don't live there but it's another thing when some of them to think it's fair game to ask me personal questions.  I came super close to letting someone believe that my ex, who they clearly didn't know is my now ex, has died.  He asked about him and when I told him he was out of the loop he responded by asking me if he had passed away.  I didn't respond, I let him draw his own conclusions.

SELF DISCIPLINE: it's eating only half of the delish meal Ranji [my friend] made me at Mantra and knowing the other half is sitting in my fridge... in the next room... waiting for me to gobble it down... Tomorrow?! Today?! ... Right now?! 
I held off.  I didn't finish it today.  The struggle was real!

My buddy's restaurant, Mantra, makes this amazing chicken spinach dish that I don't even know what it's called beyond me calling it a piece of Heaven.  It's super delish and today, after hours of slaving away at work and fuelling up on coffee after breakfast, having a plate of his already super delish food tasted all that more spectacular.

BEST MIC DROP E-V-E-R after a guy tried to impress me by topping every statement I had. It started with him telling me that he was a boxer too. 
"I made Korea's largest boxing club... mic drop!"
One of the wait staff clapped for that and dude left.

While out with friends tonight, enjoying some live music, I was continually interrupted by this particular guy at the bar who was clearly playing the numbers and trying hard to get my attention.  He even went so far as to wait for me outside the bathroom which isn't even in the bar area but instead is down the hall in the hotel.  Finally, when I went to one part of the bar to snap some pictures and an Instagram Story, he cornered me.  He tried hard to beat every single sentence I spoke but I had the last laugh by dropping word of Hulk's.  I did the whole "mic drop" with my arm out and hand mimicking me dropping an actual mic and then when I walked away one of the waitstaff who had seen it all go down high fived me.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Too Long of a Friday

I joined the large crowd of people outside of the airport early this morning to wait for my 
friend to get off the plane and walk out of the airport.
Goodies from Canada... very cool!!!
 He treated me to some goodies from Canada so we treated him to breakfast out.
 I didn't realize that breakfast out would include a piece of carrot cake the size of my head though.
I ended up going into boxing later than anticipated.  
I eat some of that carrot cake and it kicked my butt both before and during training.

Unexpected Flop... Friday, September 22

It was a crazy busy day today that started at 5:30am with me having to get up and get out the door so I could be at the airport by 7am.  With only a coffee in my tummy, I knew it'd be a rough morning because I don't function well with no food.  When we all got back to Makati, we dropped off his luggage and then headed back out, this time in search for food -- breakfast.

Today Skittles' best friend from Toronto, Canada flew in for a visit.  

Despite the early morning start, the day was going super smoothly.  I was feeling good.

And then I got a text message.

The Daily Grub, the food service company I had decided to go with for my weekly prepared meals, texted me to tell me they're putting a stop to their business temporarily.  A stop?!  Wait... what?!  Just yesterday I had wired them my money for my food order and then today they were telling me this? Seriously? Seriously.

I was ticked.

I really couldn't afford to lose the money I had sent them, I definitely needed the cash back and I definitely needed to find a replacement company to go with them asap.  

Friday, late afternoon, is the cut-off day and time for most food delivery service companies and it was coming down to the crunch.  I had researched the heck out of numerous food delivery companies and the Daily Grub stood out as the easy winner.  It was among the cheapest but it also had the right calorie count and it addressed issues of macro counting.  Most other companies totally disregard macros and are all about the calorie count.  Sorry but not all calories are the same!  I need my high carbs for the type of training I do and I can most definitely feel it on the days when I'm lacking in carbs.  I feel lightheaded and almost drunk-like.  

Quickly had to make an executive decision on which other company to go with, put in my order, send them the money, and then fight with the other company for my refund.  Not fun.  

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Photo Time... Say Kimchi

Mini photoshoot for my next Empowered flyer, as if I don't already have enough pictures.
Okay, so most of my photos are of me all gym nasty sweaty at training or because of training
... fair enough.
 I'm not really a fan of this one... what's up with me not really smiling?!
There.... here's a little smile from me.  We all have Balboa to thank for that.  Picked him up when the camera was shooting.  I can't use this picture in the ad but it's my favourite.
Funny thing is, I only like the pictures where Balboa is in them.  It's hard to fake a smile when you don't even want to be in the camera but have to.  I'm not a phoney person like that.  Balboa brings the sweetness out in me. 

Representing Me... Thursday, September 21

We live in such a superficial world where people ask me how they can get my arms and what they should be eating not because they want to be strong and healthy but because they like my look, they like my body.  

Image is nothing.  Train to be healthy because health is wealth.  

I train hard because I love training and it's my job.  But even if I wasn't a boxer I'd be training hard because I don't want to be my own obstacle in life.  I grew up with a mother who was overweight and as much as she walked around with confidence and didn't complain about her body, I knew it bothered her that she couldn't do things with us because her body was her obstacle.  My dad made a skating rink in our backyard one Christmas and all the kids on the street came to play on it.  My mother was the only one who didn't.  When we went camping and went bike riding, my mother never joined us.  She was overweight and with being overweight came issues consequently, like high blood pressure, asthma, back problems, and bad knees.  She missed out on experiencing life with us kids like my dad was able to and that was heartbreaking.

But back to the point I was actually trying to make...  

It's not easy to step in the ring and go 6 rounds of sparring with a coach and fighter who knows all your strengths and all your weaknesses, and then be expected to step out and continue your training. Six more rounds but on pad work and then there's heavy bag work, working the speed bag, and of course killing your core with ab exercises that follows.

Snap a picture of that and post that.  See how many likes you get.

But snap a picture of your face caked with makeup, your body barely tucked into your clothing, and you'll break the internet.  Social media goes crazy.

Key word being "crazy" here.

Sex sells and sexy is the key apparently... it's not selling what I'm offering though and it's not unlocking what I'm fighting for.  I don't envy the sexy girls on social media and I'm not hating them either.  They're doing their thing but if your "thing" is just being sexy then, well, that's kind of sad.  If all you have to give back to the world is good looks then I don't think that's very inspiring or beautiful at all.  

Go inspire people.

Be inspired and inspire others.

I did a photoshoot for an upcoming ad for Empowered.  It's just a simple flyer that probably won't even be printed but instead will be posted all over social media.  I posed in a simple sports bra and leggings.  Out of all the sports bras I had to pick from I chose one of the most cleavage-covering sports bras.  And out of all the leggings I had to choose from, I picked a pair of most unflattering pants that were super baggy and ones I had to tie the drawstring up just so they'd stay up.  

I looked like some kind of hip hop dancer.

I didn't want my photos to come out looking sexy or be bombarded with skin.  I'm not a sexy person and I don't really show much skin.  I wanted my pictures to represent me as me and I wanted my pictures of me to look like me, what I stand for and the type of person I strive to inspire others to be.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Boys in the House

My brown eyed beauty...
People who say you can't buy love have obviously never adopted a dog.
Mr. Balboa Button, a little four-legged companion I didn't really fall in love with until he flew to Canada to be with me.  His love is unconditional and, as small as he is, he's all heart.
Tonight we got my condo professionally cleaned, and boy did they do a fabulous job, so I arrived home to two guys cleaning it.  A cleaning crew of two; a cleaning crew of dudes.  
Balboa thinks he's the man of the house so he sat where he could watch everyone, right in the middle.
There was one cleaner in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and then me sitting on the couch.  Balboa juggled watching all of us.

The Costs in the Philippines... Wednesday, September 20

500Php, the average pay a person in the Philippines makes in a day.
... that's about $13.51Cdn and less than $2 an hour if they work 8 hours a day.   Most work at least 10.

500Php/$13.51 a day here, so considering that look at the following costs and tell me which are crazy...

4000Php/$108.11, how much one month at Fitness First costs to just use their facility and equipment. 
3000Php/$80.08, the price of one unlimited month of personal training at the boxing club.
15000Php/$40.54, the price of getting my hair dyed with wash-out Manic Panic.
2000Php/$54.05, the cost for Daily Grub to prepare, cook and send me 5 days of food (20 dishes).
600Php/$16.22, the cost to get a cleaning company to clean my condo.
400Php/$10.81, the cost of the average salad at SaladStop.
300Php/$8.11, how much I spend a month to use my cellphone.
250Php/$6.75, the cost of a 1-to-1 personal training session with my coach at the boxing club.
140Php/$3.78, the cost of my coffee at Starbucks.
120Php/$3.24, the cost of a plate of BBQ Chicken and rice at Mang Inasal.
106Php/$2.86, the price of my 30 minute Uber ride.
99Php/$2.68, the cost of my chicken sandwich at Subway.

Which ones stick out as ridiculous?!

I'm making money in the Philippines but as little as that 500Php is a day that the average person makes, I make a little less than that.  I host my Empowered boot camps and get paid to do so but the main purpose of them isn't for cash, it's to further brand myself, show myself to the public as a coach and not just a fighter, and to get people familiar with the name Empowered.  But I do make cash, it's not much but it pays for my training and my food. 

I try to eat as cheaply as possible without negotiating or jeopardizing the nutrition and macros I need to fuel my training and keep me running at tip top shape.  My rule of thumb when I'm eating out alone is to not eat anything that costs more than 150Php, that's about $4.05Cdn.  Eating out at SaladStop, where the average salad is about 400Php, is quite the luxury so unless I'm being treated to it I don't eat there.  I can pretty much eat at any street vendor and the street vendors here are quite legit with the food they offer but I'm not so familiar with the local dishes of the Philippines so I tend to stick to actual restaurants.  Mang Inasal and Subway have become my go-to places with Picnic being my former go-to place.  I stopped going to Picnic ever since I saw how the miserable owner treats her workers and watches them like a hawk.  She creates a hostile environment every time she's there and us customers definitely pick up on it.  Alek Cafe is another cheap but good place to eat as is Pantree, a place that's more like a cafeteria with a selection of restaurants inside its walls. 

I haven't officially started with getting a local food delivery company to plan, cook and delivery my meals but I've signed on with one of them -- the Daily Grub.  My first delivery comes Monday.  They'll be sending me 5 days worth of food -- 3 main dishes and 1 snack dish a day.  I'll be adding to their daily food plan with an added protein shake after training because their calorie count is 1,500 and I need roughly 1,700 for what I'm doing.  

2,000Php for 20 dishes works out to be only 100Php per dish.  Of course the main dishes have more weight than a simple snack dish but for arguement sake and for the sake of justifying the cost, 100Php a dish is super cheap!  Even if you omitted the snacks all together in weighting out the cost, it'd work out to be 133Php a dish for 15 dishs and that's still totally cheap and definitely in line with my thinking regarding not spending more than 150Php per meal.

Of course I don't always eat out for under 150Php but then again I don't always pay for those meals out... wink, wink.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cashing In

 What was left of all the change I brought to the bank today... a handful of Canadian coins that accidently found their way in my containers of pesos and a handful of paper bills my coins got me.
I didn't have boxing today but I got in a very intense upper body workout tonight at the boxing club.
I love, love, LOVE kettlebells and well the condo's gym with it's blah dumbbells just doesn't cut it.
This is what I was greeted with when I arrived home after hitting the weights 
-- a beautiful and ultra delish home cooked meal.

They're Too Sweet... Tuesday, September 19

Found out the hard way that there are no coin counting machines here in the Philippines, not even at the banks.  So, what was suppose to be me simply dropping off 5 months worth of loose change turned into quite a long and tedious task.  But the Philippines are a happy crew of people and when the bank teller told me I had to not only separate it by hand but also put it into baggies and count it, she volunteered to help me and then so did one of the bank's security guards.  So there I stood for the next 40 minutes, separating, counting and bagging two containers packed to the max with pesos.  

1,965 pesos.  That's about $53.10Cdn. 

I would have had more change had I not spent the largest of pesos, the 10 peso coins.   

Shout outs here to Metro Bank.  They won't give me a simple bank account because of my tourist visa but they'll let two of their works spend close to an hour dealing with my coins.

[Add me giggling here.]

The look on the security guard's face when he pulled out the random Canadian toonie from my pile of coins was hilarious.  A toonie looks just like a 10 peso coin and it's pretty much the same size.  When I told him it was worth about 74 pesos he looked so impressed and shocked, as if he had just discovered gold.  Thinking back about the situation, I really should have let him keep every toonie he came across.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Boxing, Business and Balboa

 Work, work, work....
 Everyday I'm pushing away at it.

My life revolves around boxing, business and Balboa. Boxing IS my business and when I'm home slaving away at the planning of it it's nice to know Balboa is here giving me moral support... or at least kisses and cuddles.  Thanks big guy.  Thanks Mr. Button.

A New Week, New Goals... Monday, September 18

I've overworked, overtrained, underpaid, and underfed.

I'm an entrepreneur and a professional athlete, two professions that don't get anything until they make something.  I can't tell you how raw of a truthful statement that is... wow.

I'm make little money here -- I coach boot camps -- and that basically pays for my training and food.

My food costs more than my training though, an odd reality of being a boxer in the Philippines where everyone and the kid next door seems to want to be the next Pacquiao so boxers and boxing clubs are plentiful.  Consequently, boxing coaches get paid peanuts and club memberships are low but fitness trainers get paid their weight in gold and a gym membership at a fitness club is pricy in comparison. A fitness instructor's certification seems to hold more weight than the lengthy ring experience resume of a boxer.  It's an insult to the profession.  

...don't even get me started.

Am cutting myself off right here, right now...

So training is cheap [in price] but food tends to be my biggest expense.  What I pay one month in training I shill out for food every couple of weeks.

The irony of being so deligent with planning my business though is that I've been spending so little on food lately and that's solely because I get so wrapped up in my work that I forget to eat.

I resorted to setting my alarm clock to remind myself when to eat.

I'm home for hours on end when I'm working on my business so I have no excuse why not to cook except for the fact I become so consumed and forget all about eating.

I've resorted to getting my food delivered.

I was waiting upon a particular company to get back to me regarding my macro and daily calorie needs but I lost all patience after waiting about a month so I decided to figure it out for myself.  I then contacted a food delivery service company here in Manila that will precook and then deliver a week's worth of food to me.  I haven't yet started but when I do I'm going to give them a fair try, try them for 2 weeks, and then make the call as to whether I want to continue with them or not.  

Food is fuel and at the level I'm burning fuel, I really can't afford to be running on empty.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rolling with the Punches and Going Strong

I've started training part time with Kristian Hernandez of Hernandez Boxing and today I met up 
with him and his little man at The Belle & Dragon for the Canelo v GGG fight.
Unlike the Mayweather and McGregor fight, this was a REAL boxing bout and it was super intense.
Enjoyed yelling and bickering about the fight with this massive table of fun friends.
After spending my morning watching Canelo pound away at GGG with those body shots, I then spent a chunk of my evening taking body shots from Coach Bogs. 
No sooner did I finish sparring but then I rushed home, shower, ate and then rushed out 
the door for another business event, a party by BAMBike.
My team, "The Knockouts", took the big win at a trivia game tonight. Thanks to Bryan​ at Bambike​ for hosting the BamBBQ for World Bamboo Day and bringing us all together! Met some great new people, saw some sweet familiar faces and it was an awesome bonus that my team won at trivia, very cool!

No Rest Day for Me... Sunday, September 17

Legazpi street market
Watch the Canelo v GGG fight
Business prep work (for next week's meetings)
Sparring with Coach Bogs
BAMBike BBQ for World Bamboo Day

A new heightened respect for GGG after I stepped into the ring for seven rounds of sparring with Coach Bogs.  I'm not a fan of GGG, I like Canelo, but man did he ever take some brutal body shots.  I don't think the average person knows just how hard body punches hurt and the impact they have on you, wow.  It's not really about the pain of the blow, it's more so a chemical thing that happens.  A mean body shot to the liver will send you down to the mat in a matter of seconds and there's nothing you can really do about it.  
1... 2... boxer down!

Seven rounds of sparring and two body shots in particular that I'm going to feel until tomorrow. One that sent me to the mat and then one a couple of rounds later, on the opposite side, just to even things out... as in even the pain... ouch.  That second body shot that really got me hit me hard and hit me high.  Right on the ribs, wow.

I rather take a hook over a clean body shot any day.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

My Fabulously Fierce Females

Setting up my gear for today's Empowered boot camp -- 1lb hand weights and an agility ladder.
 It's almost scary just how focused and hardworking these ladies are at training.
 They both pack a mean punch so I'm glad and grateful they're in my corner!

Suns Out, Guns Out... Saturday, September 16

A big perk for me with coaching the Empowered boot camps is I get to test drive some ideas, try out new exercises, and play around with creating a kind of boot camp template for me to continually tweek.   In Round One of my boot camps I realized quickly that the ladies really liked the boxing session I coached them through in the second week of the four week camp.  

TWEEK:  Make every second week a boxing boot camp.

This week it was a spin-off of traditional boxing; I've called BoxHIIT.  Because the boot camps are hosted outside at Ayala Triangle, I'm not able to incorporate heavy bags into the workout.  And though yes, perhaps they could hit the tree if they really wanted to, the gloves and all the equipment used in the workout are mine.  I pack it in my bag and carry it to Ayala.  The equipment is mine and I use it also for my own personal training so I can't afford to have them damaged, for various reasons. Damaged gloves could possibly cause me to injure my own hands, a risk I really can't physically and financially afford.  

I've created two boxing workout types: BoxHIIT and Boxercise.

Wk1   Fullbody Boot Camp
Wk2   BoxHIIT
Wk3   Fullbody Boot Camp
Wk4   Boxercise

Incorporates boxing punches and combos with HIIT (high intensity interval training) but what adds extra intensity to the workout is the fact that the participants are holding hand weights.

Example:  Round One =  40 seconds of jabs, 20 seconds shadow skipping... x3 (= 3 minute round)

Participants are paired up in partners.  One partner wears gloves, the other wears mitts.  The coach calls out the punches and those with the gloves on have to respond with hitting the mitts.  You can either play around with counting down the punches, calling out simple combos, and incorporating defensive moves like weaving and slipping.  After X number of rounds, the participants switch roles. If I had enough gloves, I'd put everyone in gloves and have them simply use the paw of the glove as a mitt. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Going Strong to the End of the Week

A Friday late morning at the boxing club, at Elite Boxing, with the round bell going, the heat high 
and the fans barely giving us any real relief.  Training in the Philippines, the struggle is real.
Caught in a moment here, studying my friend's padwork while I took a breather 
and then started my padwork with Coach Bogs.
Sitting in my own pool of sweat, exhausted from the heat and the training but training isn't quite done yet and I'm still smiling. There's nothing quite like boxing to me.

Showed up for boxing around 11am and left shortly after 1:30pm.

Skipped Out so I Lost Out... Friday, September 15

I did the mistake of going to boxing late, that was my first mistake.
I did the mistake of not taking a nap after training, that was my second mistake.

The consequences of those two mistakes -- training in the dead heat of noon and then not giving my body time to rest and recuperate -- meant I was in zombie mode by 7pm came around.

Rest is just as important to the body as food and training are.  That's the truth.

I have a lot on my plate right now.  My meetings yesterday raised a lot of food for thought and now I'm redoing my pitch deck and having to type up a partner agreement contract for a possible partner I sat down with and may be taking on.  I need to be more specific with my business objectives and I need to put into print the division of responsibilities and duties.  It means a lot more brain picking and a lot more office work. 

I had designated tonight as being my office time but with me crashing into zombie mode, I could barely decide on what to eat let alone try to figure out any legalities and spit them out onto the computer screen.

Note to self, naps aren't just for kids.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Nonstop Kind of Day

Three different coffees in three different cafes, business meetings back-to-back, and working on work in between meetings.  Today I was definitely all entrepreneur.
 Checked out the construction and building of The Refined.  I know Skittles is going nonstop with this new business and so are his construction workers too apparently.  I walked in and some of them were napping.  They've been working hard, doing a fantastic job, and they even work late into the night, sleep there, and then wake up the next day to continue.  That's hardcore!
After my business meetings out in BGC, I headed back to Makati but only had a temporary break
before I was up and out of the house again.  This time it was to take Balboa to the vet.
He wasn't impressed but he was a very good boy for the doctors there... thanks Balboa.
Random CD given.  It's a copy of the x-ray they did on him tonight.  
Not too sure what I'm going to do with it but thanks. 
It had been a long day and then it turned into a long night.  Finally it was time to go home. 

It's All My Fault... Thursday, September 14

It's official and now the jokes have started.

Balboa wasn't sick, he was injured, and I was totally at fault for his injury.

You see, Balboa is like my little shadow.  I can't go any where in the condo without that little boy either by my side or watching me and the same holds true for when I sleep.  He usually starts off sleeping by my side with me all curled up around him but then he makes his way down by my knees.  I end up getting a bit claustrophobic with him pinning the blanket down and restricting my legs from moving so I often move him back up to by my chest.  

On Monday, I must have not have moved him.  I squished him instead. 

Balboa experienced near death experiences on a daily living back in Korea with 120lb Pyen Chi pouncing on him and often rolling over him in bed.  But now he doesn't have Pyen Chi by his side, he has me, and though I'm only a couple of pounds bigger than Pyen Chi and have two less legs, it was me who hurt him. 

Hearing the vet tell me "you squished the patient" sounded funny but it was as amusing at it was heartbreaking because I love that little guy and I know he's been in such pain the past couple of days.

Damn... I'm sorry Balboa. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

For the Love of a Little Beautiful Boy

This little boy right here is my faithful little companion, my heart on four legs, 
my favourite piece of Korea... and he's feeling under the weather today.

I don't care if people say "but he's just a dog", say that to any dog owner who loves their dog.  A dog isn't just a dog and today my little guy needed some extra TLC to help him speed up his healing.

Okay, so maybe I spoiled him a bit today.  He likes sleeping on the bed, especially on my pillows, so I brought the laptop in the bedroom so that I could work and he could continue to rest and relax. 
...I may have shared a special dish of food made specifically for him too.

In all fairness though, this was the first time he's been sick so I let him milk the sick card today.

Poor Little Balboa... Wednesday, September 13

Houston, we have a problem.

I think I may have squished Balboa while sleeping... I'm not serious.

I woke up yesterday and he wasn't up to his stalkerish-self.  He never bounced out of bed after me, never slipped into the bathroom behind me when I went to brush my teeth, and he didn't even want to go for a walk.  He was a stiff-looking old man of a dog the entire day.  I thought maybe he had eaten something weird, like perhaps that sample package of food he had yesterday didn't sit well with his tummy, so I thought I'd give him some time to lay low and sleep it off.

Then today started and he really was no different than yesterday.

I spent the entire day rushing back home from training and coaching to check up on him.

Am convinced that it should be illegal to Google conditions online, seriously.  Whenever I Google something for myself or a friend, it always comes up cancer, but when I Googled something for Balboa, "seek immediate medical attention" kept on coming up.

I don't want to be one of those mothers who jumps to conclusions and rushes their child to the doctor at every sneeze, cough or tear.  And yeah so Balboa isn't exactly a typical child, he's got four legs and licks his own butt, I get it, but he's my child.  I also don't want to be one of those delinquent parents who sees the signs, ignores them, and then ends up dealing with bigger issues that could have been prevented, stopped or treated.

There's a fine line and I think I'm sitting on it right now.

I don't spoil Balboa with treats, he's given plenty of affection, and he knows the rules of the house.

No barking.
No peeing in the house.
No begging for food.
No eating any of the laundry.
No jumping onto the kitchen chairs.
At bedtime he's not allowed to rome in the rest of the condo.

He is loved.

He is so very loved and to see him in pain is heartbreaking but I've been told to hold off on taking him in.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

One Super Rainy Day

It was raining out today and Balboa isn't a fan of the rain.  
His inner diva comes out sometimes during it but I couldn't help but giggle at his reaction to it.
Finally a good picture of him.  
I should note that after taking this picture he shook his feet, slashing the rain totally in my direction.
Was invited to Hernandez Boxing by Coach Hernandez for some pad work technical training. 
Found a new diner that serves up exactly what I need as an athlete and at a cost that fits my budget.
Found a massage place too.  Okay, so it's a bit ghetto.  It's the display in a local mall that has all these massage chairs sitting out but hey, it's free, and free fits my budget to a T.