As the story has it, I woke up and found myself on the very opposite side of the globe – the flipside. I arrived February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d simply do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, group leader for my own girls-only fitness company, Flipside Fitness. And now I run my own boxing club, Korea's largest -- Hulk's Club!!!

Life on the flipside is nothing like I ever thought it would be…!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

From 5am to 11pm It was Non Stop

 The calm before the storm -- walking through High Park before the craziness of my day starts.
I knew it was going to be a busy day but I'm blessed to be busy.  Busy means the hustle continues -- the fight to establishing and setting up the Second Dream.
Today's busy day started off with me heading to High Park to host a Flipside Fitness boot camp.
In between coaching my boot camp and doing my own training, a certain someone came
to Toronto on two wheels to search me out and talk with me.
I'm pretty easy to find though, or at least I think so.  I'm either at one of the boxing clubs I coach/train at, at one of two fitness gyms, at the library, or getting groceries.
Foo Man Choo searched me out.  He knew I was busy, I'm always busy,
and I think he purposely wore this shirt to try to win me over... hahaha.
I guess I should add Starbucks to the list of predictable places to find me at.  That's where I load up on caffeine before training and have a lot of my business meetings.  My fab gal, Polska B, swung by Starbucks today to give me an encouraging hug and to say hi before I headed into training.
 After training I had a meeting with a meeting with a rep from Isagenix.
 She sent me home with all this... yes, she even sent me home with a bag!
My evening was spent at Clancy's Boxing, coaching Team Blue.
This week my assistant, aka partner in crime, is getting married.  He's been super busy planning his married so he's been absent for some training.  We've missed him but today he picked me up and off to training we went.
We showed up early but what's this?!  It's almost training time and non of fighters were there yet.
I wasn't impressed with them being so late and I wasn't impressed with these pants.
I was rather agitated coaching tonight... blah :( ... but those boots ;)

Jamming as Much Business into Today as Possible... Wednesday, October 19

Today’s Schedule
8am        Flipside Fitness boot camp in High Park
9:30am   Coffee meeting with real estate agent
11am      Boxing/weight training at System Fitness
1pm        Business meeting with supplement company
3pm        Meeting at Apple
5pm        Photoshoot 
7:30pm  Team Blue training at Clancy’s Boxing
9:30pm  Sponsor meeting
3am       Conference business call with Korea

Energy is contagious, both negative energy and positive energy, and today I met a most wonderful young lady – a supplement company rep. I’ve met with her company before but with a different rep from it and actually that rep was super fabulous too. Maybe you have to be oozing with fabulocity to work for that particular company, I don’t know. Anyways, my various meetings with the first rep had me thinking about their supplement product line but in a different fashion, more as a means of how can I share it with others as a means of helping them get healthier, stronger, and ultimately more in control with their fitness and health. But this particular rep, she reached out to me some time ago and today we finally met. She’s a young gal, about my age, and when I walked into Starbucks today for our meeting she turned and called out my name. I approached her and we hugged; I thought that was super sweet. We grabbed a side table and for the next hour and a bit we shared stories, talked about each other’s goals and experiences, and then she pulled out a bag of “goodies” – products.  

She shared with me how each product could help me, help me reach my fitness goals and enhance my training. Not to discredit the first rep because she was super awesome too but her approach was much different. It was simple and to the point – how these products are going to benefit me specifically as a professional athlete. As she pulled out each new item from her bag she explained them to me and then she told me all that she brought was actually for me. I was shocked. Even the bag in which she carried the items in was for me. I’m a starving athlete so you best believe I was absolutely thrilled. 

I’ve been approached by numerous product companies, even a company in France reached out and mailed me stuff and, like I mentioned, I’ve been approached twice by her particular company. I’ve familiarized myself with the product line her company produces so I know it’s very good, I’m impressed, but it was a sensory overload with how it was first presented to me. I’m a boxer but I’m also an entrepreneur. Keep things simple because my time is limited and I don’t want to have to pick and choose what info is important to me not to mention you’ll lose me with all the filler. Tell me what I need to know, no more and no less.

Tomorrow I’ll be intergrading the products I got today into my training regime.  Going to give them a solid test drive.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Late Night Training at System

Laced up my boots after a long day of coaching and got in my training.
I love it when I train super late at night and am hear when the club closes.
Nothing like waking up with goals, crushing them and then going to bed with satisfaction.

Gym Hook Ups... Tuesday, October 18

I’m no stranger to the gym – the background work and politics that go with running it, the drama that goes with working at one, and the cliques and the locker room deals that go along when being a member at one. I’ve been training at System for 14 years now, been out of the country for 11 years but every time I visit I train there. Back in the day I used to be so in tune with who’s doing what and buying what from who. These days I honestly feel too old to really care. It’s not that it’s none of my business but ya, it’s none of my business and I have bigger things to worry about than that “stuff”. I don’t do any of it. I used to buy ephedrine, an illegal medication that is like speed. They used to give it to race horses but here I was being introduced to it because I wanted to drop body fat and get an “edge” on my training. I wanted to sweat my brains out and by taking it I did exactly that plus more. My heart felt like it was beating so fast and so hard. Some days I was convinced those training beside me could hear my heart racing. It was great until it wasn’t because I then became dependant on it to beyond using it for my workouts. I used it to help get me through my university classes and carry me through my double digit hours of bartending. I remember loading up my Thursdays and Fridays with uni classes and then working a 8hr bartending shift on Thursday and then a 12hr shift on Fridays. Saturdays I’d crash and I crashed hard. I was addicted. A minor heart attack while training in the boxing ring in Korea was what it took to get me to smarten up and instantly I went cold turkey.

The only drug I’ve ever touched in my entire life is that of ephedrine and that was originally because of my training. I still to this date have never touched so much as a joint and somehow in my conversation at the end of my workout tonight this came up, the whole “behind-the-scene” gym hookups. I was chatting with a new friend of mine, a Korean guy (go figure, right), and as we walked out of the club together, I asked him if he could hook me up. “What do you want?” he asked. “Some of your mom’s mul [water] kimchi”, I said. He had a good giggle at that and responded by telling me that if he invited me over for some of his mom’s mul kimchi that’d mean we’d be considered almost married. We both stood there laughing and I interrupted by telling him I didn’t want that label but perhaps he could smuggle me a bowl of it from his fridge.

Gym hook ups. Some do it for juice, apparently I do it for Korean side dishes. Nice.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Working Out the Stress

The Captain said, "When stressed, disco it out", as he leaned back on his chair and pointed to some random disco ball hanging above his office desk. 
Sat down with fellow pro fighter today, voiced my stress, and he offered to buy me lunch so that I could eat away my stress.  I had just come from brunch out so I opted out on the free meal... ended up eating some of his killer salad though.  Holy delish.
I always thought hugging it out worked best though and tonight I met a new little four legged friend in need of some hugs -- Pablo.  He's been given up by his owner and Clancy's manager is fostering him until he finds a permanent home.  He's a rolly polly little guy but so huggable!!!
Another option, when stressed punch it out.
Team Blue training tonight at the club, always a fabulous way to kick off a new week. 
Apparently two of my fighters liked that option, to punch it out. 
I, on the other hand, had my own way of incorporating a new boxing exercise with getting out my stress -- emoticon balls.
I brought a ball for each of my fighters, for their homework.
Yes, they get homework but that's not my point here.
I decided tonight that whenever I thought they were slacking off during training, that whipping one of the balls at them would smarten them up.  It definitely did but oh did it help to totally distract me from my stress.  Too funny.
 And, if all else fails and discoing it out, eating it out, hugging it out, punching it out, and even throwing plastic balls at each other doesn't help to get the stress out, you can always smile it out with a friend.  
Here's me with Left Hook, Team Red's coach and one of my close friends from back in the day, back in my Bloor West Village days.  Awesome guy.

One Great Idea Has Me Thinking More Ideas... Monday, October 17

Yesterday I lost my iPhone and today I got a new one, just like that.

Hello Bunz... thank you Bunz.

Seriously, if you don't know what Bunz is than I highly recommend you to check it out on Facebook.  Bunz is an old school bartering Facebook group where you can request things or offer things but things can't be sold or bought with money.  You have to barter.  Many people ask for subway tokens or gift certificates.  Today I offered my services -- personal training.

Bartered for a free phone -- her iPhone for four personal training sessions, and just like that I had a new phone.  Picked it up today before lunch, sweet, and the success of this deal has definitely put the wheels in my head in my motion.  I'm a starving athlete but I have needs just like the next person... but I've got a service that isn't cheap.  This could be my ticket to getting things, very cool. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hitting the Books and Hitting the Pads Too

Coaching apprentices, looking all fierce but don't be fooled by their tough looks.  Everyone of these future-to-be coaches are super sweet and it was awesome to meet them.
Beyond the obvious of going through the text, we also got up and got interactive with coaching each other and testing out what we had just learned.
It made for one sweaty class but it was really good.  Much better than anticipated actually.

Craziest Fifteen Minutes... Sunday, October 16

In a matter of 15 minutes, not only did I meet a new friend, I scored a potential new personal training client, told a full grown man off, cheated a taxi driver, caused a police man to yell at me, caught a train, broke my Blackberry phone and lost my iPhone.

Ok, so the new friend also became my potential personal training client and that man I told off was also the taxi driver I cheated, but I think you the point that a lot went down in the short span of 15 minutes.

Here's the play-by-play of what actually happened.

The story took place at the corner of Sherbourne and Bloor, at 7:55am.  I had just realized the first subway isn't until 8:05am but I had to be down at Union for the 8:15am Go Train to Oshawa.  So there I was, standing at the corner, at the bus stop with the rest of the early morning bus takers waiting.

ME:  Anyone going to Union Station, let's split a cab.
GIRL:  Ya, I am.
ME:  Ok, jump in cookie.

We jump in the next available cab, give the instructions to the taxi driver to take us to Union.  The driver then jump in our conversation as this random girl and I start talking about why we're in a rush -- me for the coaching apprentice class and she for a church singing solo performance.  We were both going to Oshawa.

ME:  [directed towards the driver]  Your job is to just drive so just do that.  Do not talk.
TAXI:  But..
ME:  No, no, no... just drive, seriously.

While racing to Union, we notice the driver doesn't have a visa or debit machine so we pull out our wallets to see if we have enough money.  I had a $5 and $10 bill; she only had change.  She offered two free coffee cards from McDonalds and a half full of change.  

But what's that, the driver CAN'T take us to Union?!  Of course no.  There's a marathon being set up so he drives us as close he can get us to Union Station but it's not very close so I hand him the handful of change and a bill and then me and this girl jump out of the cab to sprint it to the station. 

TAXI:  Wait, wait,... my money!
ME:  Dude, I gave you like a $5 tip on a $12 ride.
TAXI:  No, no... my money!

POLICE:  I think that taxi driver is yelling at you.
ME:  Ya, because he doesn't like all the change.  
GIRL:  What's his problem?
ME:  I don't know but serves him right for not having a debit machine.  He's like the only driver in this city without one.

As me and this girl are sprinting to Union, she jokes and says she wishes I was her trainer because I'm sprinting like a beast.  So I pulled out a free week pass from my wallet and give her.  A minute or two later, while sprinting, the back pocket in my bag opens up and out drops my phone, my Blackberry.  It cracks but is still ticking apparently.  Me and the girl end up parting ways.  She can't keep up with me and I really can't afford to miss this train.  When I arrived at Union to pay for my ticket, I realized then that not only did my Blackberry phone fall out of my bag but so did my iPhone.  I had but only a brief pause in time to debate whether or not to go back and look for my phone, with the hope of none of those police and soon-to-be running marathon runners find it and keep it, or do I jump on the train and count it a lost.

I counted it a lost but not before I texted a bunch of friends to message my WhatsApp on it, hoping that whomever found it would take note and contact me.  Turns out one of my friends I texted just so happened to be at Union Station.  He headed out in search of my phone but had no such luck.  It was gone.

Also when buying my Go Train ticket, I noticed that I still had the $10 bill in my hand, hence why the taxi driver screaming at us from the other side of the road.  Not only had I not tipped him like I thought I had but I hadn't even paid for the actual taxi ride... opps.

Arrived in Oshawa, on time but sweaty, and when I got off the train I heard someone calling my name.  It was the girl, she had made the train too.  We ran to each other, hugged as if we were long lost BFFs and had a good laugh about the whole situation. I then had to attend day two of the coaching apprentice course and gear up for sparring afterwards with Killer Bee.  

What a morning... what a day!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Discovering My Niche was Coaching

Back in Korea I taught my fair share of fighters even well before I opened up my own boxing club.  I've always been about girl power but in Korea I was more so about it because of Korean stereotypes.  I felt like a pioneer, paving a way for the next generation of female fighters in that country.
I loved working with the females and I loved working with the younger fighters too.
But when I made my own company, Flipside Fitness, that's when I really found my niche.

Off to the Shawa... Saturday, October 15

This weekend I'm out in Oshawa doing my coaching apprentice course.  Consequently, I had to wake up at 6am, be out of my place by 6:40am and on the 7:13am Go Train.  Leave it to me though to be running late and get on that 7:13am Go Train with something like 4 minutes to spare.  I always seem to get the Go Train with such limited extra time.  A sprint to the train always occurs every time I take it.

Killer Bee picked me up from the Go Train station and brought me a coffee.  As if I didn't think she was already super awesome enough, right... hahaha.

The course was being held at her boxing club and I wasn't sure how many people would be attending nor did I know who would be teaching it.  Showed up at Jamestown Boxing and was greeted by a huge smile and a huge hug from Coach Adrian and then, when he stepped away from me, I realized who was teaching it. 

On Facebook I have a lot of "friends" -- people who I don't necessarily know but they're either boxing fans or actively involved within the boxing community.  I follow some of them on Instagram and some of them follow me too.  Turns out the coach teaching this weekend's course is non other than someone I'm very familiar with on social media, someone very active within the boxing community but whom I've never met before.  When I looked past Coach Adrian and saw him I couldn't help but give a giggle because we're both quite familiar with each other.  

The course was loaded with lots of info and by the time the day of learning was done I was so mentally done.  I was scheduled to spar with Killer Bee but both she and I were exhausted -- we're both not used to sitting for such a long period of time -- so we decided to reschedule's today sparring and move it tomorrow.

The Captain was super sweet in scooping me up in Oshawa and he brought his bike, sweet!  I love riding on the back of his bike.  I threw my gear on my back and off we headed back into the city, back to Toronto.  Stopped by our favourite little restaurant in the beaches for dinner -- breakfast at dinner, of course -- and then he dropped me off at home.

Back to Oshawa tomorrow for more of this coaching apprentice coaching course.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Drama in Cabbagetown

This is what greeted me today as I walked out of my apartment -- a cop.

A Touch of Korean Tragedy... Friday, October 14

As I stepped out of my apartment to walk Balboa, I looked up and there, at the end of the hall, sat a man on a metal chair.

It was 5:25 in the morning.

The man was a cop.

I cautiously walked down the hall, he greeted me with a hi and a wave, and I stopped to ask him a question.  "You don't have to tell me what happened but should I be worried?"  He asked me if I knew who lived there, in the apartment where he sat guarding the door of, and I told him I know basically everyone who lives on my floor.  I didn't really know that particular resident but I had seen him two days earlier; we took the elevator down together.  

In between seeing that cop sitting there and then seeing him leave, I had raced off to my club to coach and rumors among my neighours had started to spread about why there was a cop doing door duty.  Some thought maybe he was the mysterious hit-and-run cyclist who hit the elderly lady on Parliament and drove away.  That happened three weeks ago and just recently, yesterday I think actually, the lady died due to injuries from that crash.  It wasn't until I returned to my apartment building after coaching that I found out what had happened.

My neighbour had committed suicide.

A young guy whom I had just talked to the other day and shared a giggle in the elevator with killed himself around 3am today.  Someone who thought their life was so bad that they couldn't escape from it, fix it, or make it better thought the only choice they had was to kill themselves.  Someone who lives in my building, on my floor, a few doors down from me, neighbour... killed themselves while the rest of us were all cozy in bed with not a care in the world.  I was told that he had reached out to a friend, he told his friend that he wanted to kill himself, and that friend actually did end up coming over.  Unfortunately he showed up something like an hour too late.  So close but too late.  Wow.  My heart goes out to his friend.  He will always have to wear this burden.

News of my neighbours death really shocked me not because I had known him but because this is Canada.  I lived in Korea for 11 years and know 14 people who had committed suicide.  For every year in Korea I knew at least one person.  I've been in Canada now for one year and now I know one person who committed suicide.  I thought I had left that all in Korea, wow.

Today I experienced suicide in Canada for my first time ever and it really made me upset.  I don't think I'll ever be able to not glance over at his door whenever I'm in the hallway now.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

An Oversized Pepper and Some Loud Pants

 I'm the girl that pulls out a pepper and eats it, true.
Pull out a chocolate bar and no one bats an eyelash.
Pull out a pepper and everyone giggles and wants to snap your pic.
 And yes, I'm the girl who takes the train home late at night, covered in sweat.
It's called earning my shower... being gym nasty happy... also known as training hard.
On days when I need a little extra boost with my training, I wear my zebra pants.
They make me feel like I'm really a beast in training... hahaha.

Now sitting on a late night train after training and seeing a bag with Seoul written on it, not sure exactly on what that did to my post training, exercise high, but it left me feeling a bit on the silly side.  Signs of Korea here in Toronto hit me differently every time. 

The Power of the Metal... Thursday, October 13

Have you seen Beyonce's new music video for her song "Hold Up"?  Go watch it because that's exactly what I felt like walking downtown today.

I got asked to post up flyers downtown for the female-only gym I coach part time at. The weather was nice, I had a warm sweater on and I figured I'd rush it, get it done, and be back in no time.

But then they handed me a stapler.  

It wasn't just any stapler though.

Oh man, this was a one handed stapler that you basically punch the surface with and BAM a massive thick staple is shot out.  Man, oh man, I walked down the street swinging that bad boy once I figured out how to use it and how lethal it actually was.  I punched the hell out of those flyers posting them up and must admit it was as fun as it was stress-relieving and fierce.  

And ya, that was what I decided to write about for today's homepage entry.  I decided that was noteworthy because I was watched, I was cheered on, and I was even snapped in a few pics by those witnessing me doing this.  One guy noted I looked like the happiest flyer-posting person he's ever seen.  He snapped a picture of me and then asked if he could try it.  He agreed, that one handed stapler was definitely noteworthy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Found Friends and Reunited Ones

 Little Balboa among all my sprawled out clothes, wondering what the heck was happening.
 Ended up taking him on the subway and bus, out to the High Park area.
That's love right there -- my girl, my man, and my buddy.
Thanks to one of my bestest of best gal pals for helping me out today!
Balboa made a new four-legged friend today.  
 Coco and Balboa, new possible BFFs.
The Polish Princess and me, of course BFFs.  I love this blonde; she's pretty awesome.
I know that her breaking up with her man means she's upset and hurt but it means I have her back.  It's a bittersweet situation.

Stuck for Help... Wednesday, October 12

What was suppose to be a half day event took the whole day and stretched long into the evening.

I had a heat treatment done in my apartment.

Several months back my apartment had bed bugs.  Yuppers, it's true.  We didn't have a lot but nonetheless they were living with my roommate and I -- unwanted creepy crawly residents.  I don't know whether I've got sour blood or what but they never bit me and never really showed up to even bother me.  Once every couple of days I'd see one scurry past me. I'd rush to the bathroom to get some wet tissue paper and then down the toilet I'd send it swirling.  But my former roommate [and by former I mean about a week and a half she moved out and a new one move in] made a big stink at the housing office.  So instead of coming to do a spray of the apartment they sent in the big guys -- a company that does a heat treatment.  To get a heat treatment done means they basically turn your apartment into an oven so anything like wax-based items and aerosol cans have been taken out of the home or stored in the fridge.  This also means you have to stay out of your home for the duration of the treatment and time leading up to it and after it because of the crew dealing with the set up and take down of the equipment and also to let the home cool. 


I thought it'd only take half a day and I had Balboa to figure out what to do with.

I couldn't take him to a meeting nor could I take him to training.  I could take him to coaching at Clancy's but that was about it.  I couldn't take him to a doggie daycare because he still has his "junk".  So, in a desperate attempt to figure out a solution, I changed my Facebook status to see if anyone could look after him for a bit and then I texted some friends.

My Polish Princess to the rescue!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Korea, Please Keep YOUR Drama in YOUR Country, Thanks

I'm not for people stirring up drama and today a certain someone in Korea decided to do exactly that. 
I decided not to scratch out the name of the person sending these texts because, well, I might end up using such texts in what may become a very dirty legal battle when I visit Korea.
Yes, that's right.  I sent this picture in response to her messages.
I had too much to say that I just couldn't say anything and so instead I decided to amuse myself.
She doesn't know English well enough to even understand it, hence my added amusement.
It was a toss up between the previous picture and this.  I went with the first.

Looking Forward to Legal Freedom... Tuesday, October 11

I'm totally half a$$ing life here in Canada, I know it.  I'm one foot in Canada but also one foot in Korea.  I'm sitting on the fence and not fully on one side. I totally feel as if I'm not fully invested here, like I'm being held back and am holding back.  All silly analogies and whatnot aside, I know I have to cut ties. 

I'll be doing that soon but not soon enough.

Snickers has it in his head that he's coming to Canada because I've told him I'll only be visiting in December, not moving back.  I can't have him here though and by can't I mean I don't want him to step into my world here.  It is a world without him and I'd like to keep it that way.  I made memories with him over five years ago and there are times when I am reminded of them but he doesn't get to touch my world anymore.
I'm quite the procrastinator when it comes to doing things that I really don't want to because I don't really know how to.  Korea is definitely one of those things and tonight, when a slur of text messages sent my phone buzzing across my night table, I rolled my eyes and regretted for not dealing with Korea earlier.
As for the above screenshot of text messages and what they're talking about, they're from a former Hulkie -- a female whose company whom she works for use to sponsor me.  It'd be one thing if she was just some random Korean girl in Korea but she has a history not only with my club but with me and it went beyond just training together.  Anyways, she wrote to me, telling me to stop contacting Snickers because I'm causing him stress and that she's now living in my boxing club with him. 
The girl is all drama, that's the short of the long of it, and I'm so anti-drama.
First of all, Snickers is always the one contacting me.  And as for her living there, K-Gere (Snickers' father) lives there and I highly doubt he'd ever let his son live with another woman especially if he was living under the same roof.  His family may not have the same moral upbringing as mine but I'm thinking he wouldn't be cool with what this girl says is happening.  Regardless, I'm not cool with her messaging me.  It was like a kick to the gut because I hear one thing from Snickers and another thing from her.  The first time this particular girl messaged me was Valentine's Day and with the exception of several messages passed back and forth then, I haven't heard from her since.  Trust me, she's definitely going to hear from me when I go to Korea.  I'm going to show up at her work and tell her to stop messaging me.  I could seriously care less what's going on between her and Snickers but what's going on between her and me, these text messages, this annoyance, it's to stop.  It's so immature and I really don't care about it beyond it frustrating me and legally complicating ties I'm trying to cut off as fast and as clean as I can.  If she wants to make a legal mess for Snickers, she is certainly doing a good job.  I almost feel sorry for him at this point.
I just want to live my life.  I want to fully live it in one country and right now I'm so split between the two.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Today's Holiday Training Fueled by Team Blue, not by Yesterday's Turkey

 While the rest of Toronto was piling on calories, my Team Blue was burning them via some hard training.
 Gearing up for some abtastic fun.
 Props to those of Team Blue who showed up.
I'm thankful on Thanksgiving for those on my team.  They're pretty awesome.
 After training Team Blue, we practiced our team cheer and then they left.  I was on such a positive high from having trained them and that definitely fueling my training.  Thanks Team Blue!!!

Loading Up on Training at System... Monday, October 10

Just because it was a holiday didn't mean that I was going to let Team Blue off the hook, let them slack with their training or get distracted with all the festivities, oh no.  It also meant that I wasn't going to miss training either.  As far as I'm concerned, holidays only mean holiday hours.  They're not a break from the routine hard training and clean eating.  So today, with it being a holiday, I called out Team Blue and told them to meet me at System for training.  I was at System Fitness from 12pm to 4:30pm. 
Coaching Team Blue
12pm -- 2pm
    • 5  sprints/laps on the indoor trac
    • 10 rounds on the heavy bag
    • 2 rounds on pads with me
  • ABS
    • 25 pikes or knee tucks
    • 25 Russian twists
    • 25 push throughs
    • 25 roll-ups
    • 2 sets of the above ab exercises

My Own Personal Training
2pm -- 4:30pm 
    • 10mins of skipping
    • 4 rounds of shadow boxing
    • 8 rounds of heavy bag work
    • 3x20  weighted walking lunges
    • 4x12  single leg calf raises
    • 4x10  frog jumps
    • 4x12  leg extensions
    • 4x12  weighted sumo squats
    • 4x12  weighted Bulgarian split squats
    • 4x12  weighted narrow squats with kickbacks
    • 4x10  weighted side step lunges

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Overdosing on Good Vibes, Good People, and Good Food

  At church today we celebrated the 90th birthday of one of the pastors.
After church I jumped into the Captain's car and off we raced out of the city for dinner with my family.
Had my first Red Rain... neeeeever again!!!  It made me burb, it made me jittery, and it made me
super hyper for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.
  What's this?!  Is Korea trying to take over Tim Hortons? ... too funny.
Dinner for 18 tonight... wow!!! Happy Thanksgiving.
My brother's little ladies and look who it is... Little Nat!
He's been out of the hospital for some time now and is healing nicely.  Great to have him with us.
The Captain was a big kid, playing on the floor with the little kids but check out my girl E.
She thought it soooo funny to pretend to photo bomb my pictures by pretending to saw his head off.
This is my girl, Big E... aka Biggie.  I love her so much.
My sister-in-law.  Good to see her out of Sick Kids and wearing a big smile.
She's gone through so much with her two kids in and out of the hospital.
Family shot!
And what's a Thanksgiving meal without some dinner pics.  Viola, my main meal.
Hello dessert.  My sister-in-law's apple crisp is worth the long drive up, wow!!!
Ended Thanksgiving by visiting the cottage of some good friends, MaG.
There were five us at the cottage, enjoying the fire... and playing with some Kinder surprise eggs.
Thanks to the Captain for those eggs.  Even us big kids love them.