As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Korea on February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, reality TV star, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company (Flipside Fitness), CEO of my own boxing club (Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing), and now I'm launching my 3rd business -- Empowered Clubhouse.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and returned to Toronto, Canada. But then I left again. This time it was for the Philippines. That's where I am now, living in the land of the happy people. The struggles are real and the struggles are many but I'm living life on my terms, I'm calling the shots, and I'm doing what I love. Life is an amazing adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Stepping into "The Office"

Back in the ring... sparring... and sparring with new gloves, too!!!
 The pictures that never made my Facebook or Instagram.

I should post them though.  They totally capture who Coach Marcelo and I are towards each other.

Finally Back to Fighting... Saturday, September 14

Yesterday the first sample of my Premium I Am glove arrived so today I took them to Team Insider to "test out".  I was simply "product testing" them, if anyone asks.  Yes, I was product testing them on Coach Marcelo's head, and face, and body... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I arrived at the club super hyper and ultra pumped about being back in the ring sparring. 

I feel like every time I return to sparring something else happens or something comes up, like an injury or something with my business, for example, that means I can't spar again for a bit.  Most recently it was my rugby injury and then Coach Marcelo was off work because his girlfriend had a baby.  Both legit reasons why we couldn't spar, for sure, but none the less it didn't make it any less annoying or frustrating that I couldn't spar.

Sparring day today.  Four rounds.  Couldn't go too crazy.  I still haven't been reimbursed from my insurance company for covering the hospital bill for my stitches so I couldn't exactly afford to split them.  And wow, talk about added pressure -- the fear of splitting open my stitches to really motivate me to move my head more during sparring.

No pressure... oh gosh no.  (Said it the most sarcastic voice here!)

Usually I don't go to the boxing club on Saturday but today I made an exception.  I needed to test out my new gloves.  And what awesome new gloves they are.  Best decision ever for my Slay line to take on China and Hong Kong.  Very pleased with that!!!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Training and Working at Full Load

Super glad to have Coach Marcelo back.  Not so glad to hear though how little time
he had to spend with meeting his new little baby boy.
My body feels it's a Friday but Coach Marcelo always coaches me like it's a Monday.
I both respect that but fear that because some days my body is way too exhausted.
He gets it out of me though.
New gloves from my new manufacturer came today... totally pumped about that!!!
Tried out a "new toy" I got today and dang, did it ever kick my butt.  
See my Instagram for video of this.

Juggling Texts is My Thang... Friday, September 13

You know when you watch a little kid run, sometimes they run so fast their legs can't keep up with their body.  Their body goes forward, their legs struggle to keep up, and ultimately what happens is they last for maybe a few more steps and then they crash.

I feel like these days I'm that little kid.  Running fast but my legs just can't keep up.

I'm waiting for the crash.

I juggled business dealings and business conversations with 21 people in 8 different countries.

  1. Canada
  2. Korea
  3. Pakistan
  4. The Philippines
  5. The States
  6. Honk Kong 
  7. China
  8. France
From suppliers to sponsors, manufacturers to clients, I juggled numerous conversations at once.

Dear People of the Universe, don't call me.  On any given day I'm juggling at least a few conversations in various countries so I can't and I won't take your call.  


I feel like at this point in the game, I can't.  Phone conversations straw into casual conversations, with rambling about this and that, and quite honestly I don't have the time nor the undivided focus to entertain such a conversation.  I can however handle numerous conversations via text.  Text messages are to the point.  No business contacting me via text rambles on about the weather or asks what I'm up to.  No, hell no.  Texts are to the point.  

I am a text message junkie but a vegan phone conversationalist.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Breaking So I don't More Break Out

 Took a break to get some much needed TLC for my skin... more specifically, my face.
What's been killing my skin is going from boxing to taking an Angkas.

Skin Care... Thursday, September 12

Going from being super sweaty at boxing to jumping on an Angkas and zooming home, it's killing my skin.  Not only is my face nasty dirty from the boxing club but then all the pollution from the ride home mixed with whatever my skin is picking up from using the Angkas helmets, yeah... gross.  Consequently, my skin has been breaking out around my hair line.

Needing some go-to skin routine stuff.  Any suggestions?

I asked on my Instagram story but people answered with sunscreen.   Perhaps I should have been more specific.  I'm needing a go-to skin routine for keeping my skin clean and refreshed.  

Back when I lived in Korea, my Korean friends and my ex (ex's) were all about the skin treatment.  Koreans really know how to deal with any and every skin problem and consequently, despite the mad pollution, their skin is always super fresh looking and flawless.  I picked up some stuff at a Korean beauty store here but, to tell you the truth, I just randomly got stuff.  Am still clueless about what is emulsion and toner and which goes first.  I just pretty much slap it on my face after I shower or when I wash my face.  There's no real routine.  Sometimes I put both.  Most times I just take which ever one my hand goes to first.  

So bad, I know. 

I figure I'm not at that age anymore where I can just wing skin care.  I should pay attention to it.

Consider today Day One at doing that, paying attention to my skin.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Give Me Something!!!

Sporting a smile but underneath it I'm ultra frustrated with the lack of challenge I'm feeling these days.
 This is more like it.  I'm looking for something, clearly.
Not exactly sure what I'm looking for but I'm needing something.  A boxing bout, perhaps?! Probably. 

Blue Balls... Wednesday, September 11

It's not a race... but, with me, it's always a competition.

Itching to compete...

My next rugby tournament isn't until October.

I'm suppose to enter the Spartan race in October but I don't know how to train for it and the fact that people skip out on stations to do burpees instead but still win annoys the hell out of me. Is it a Spartan race or a burpee race?! 

Kerry Sports wants me to do their Vertical Run again but I won first prize last year and would only considering killing myself at it again if I could compete on the Philippines Team or if something bigger was at stake.

And only God knows when I'll get scheduled another boxing bout. I feel like I shouldn't hold my breath for that. Just feeling ultra frustrated at this point. Am only training for a photoshoot and that's not enough for me. If I'm not in the ring fighting than I'm outside the right fighting to fight, or fighting for any challenge at this point that interests me.
Sporting the equivalency of blue balls for a boxer. Put me in the ring, coach!!! 

I lightened up my training load to open up my clubhouse for my company but now it's been up and running for three months. I've adjusted to juggling the 16 fighters and the 76 Lil' Sistas I coach with getting in my own boxing, hitting the weights and continuing my rugby. But then I got injured in a rugby game so I had to lighten it again and not spar. So then I decided to challenge myself more and work on the launch of my clothing line ( and expand my boxing equipment line, Slay by @empoweredclubhouse. 

The juggle is no longer the struggle though. This juggle is the new norm for me and it's comfortable. I don't want to be comfortable. I want to be always challenged, always evolving, always growing. 

My stress these days isn't with all that I'm doing, my juggle. I love what I'm doing. I mentally appreciate the struggle to keeping me sane and giving me the feeling of being productive. My stress is with my lack of a challenge, a physical challenge to keep me focused on my training. My desire to getting my next boxing bout is now a mental need and not just a physical want.

And if it's not a boxing bout, then what?!  I need something... seriously.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Roadwork Never Looked so Pretty

It's hard to complain about getting out for a run when where I'm running is just so pretty.

I can however complain about having to fight the urge to jump in that ever-so-inviting
big pool behind me as I stretch.

Moving Forward... Tuesday, September 10

You know what feels great as a coach, coaching those who want to train.  I mean, those who actually want to train and want to reap the benefits of hard training.  Those who DESERVE to reap the benefits.  

I may be one of the only coaches who fires clients but I'm coming close to firing one more.

Perhaps a couple more, correction here. 

Clients don't really want to do the hard training, I get that, but they want the results and I have a couple that complain about the lack of results and their increasing interest in "fast fixes".  I don't support fast fixes and aren't we all educated enough to know that nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is good?!  Isn't this common sense?  I mean, we live in 2019.  Our parents and grandparents were the ones who tried and tested the fads.  Didn't we learn from their mistakes?

I know a couple of my clients are inconsistent with their training but consistent on trying this and that that are rather harmful for their health.  And regardless of the advice I've given them, they apparently think they know better and have continued to venture down dangerous paths of fad diets, diet pills, extended juicing and etc.  

I cannot help someone that is not willing to let me help them.

My fighters' health status, fitness level and results (or lack there of them) are a reflection of my time and efforts with them.  So with them self-sabotaging themselves, they are ultimately sabotaging my services too.

I don't do what I do, coach, for the pay check.  Hell, I don't even get a pay check, to tell you the truth.  All the money I make goes back into building my business and outreach program with the Lil' Sistas.  So clearly I'm not in it for the money.  I'm in it because I love coaching, I love boxing and weight training, and I love helping people become stronger, healthier and ultimately happier.  

This week I'll be offering to take on another client or two because I'm a little done with a couple.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Where's my Badass Boxing Babes At?!

This time last week I was slaying it here with my fighter friend from Canada.  Now I'm back to reality -- training minus the lack of fierce female fitspiration.  There was no one here actually.
It was just met training alone.  Everyone had left no sooner had I finished my warm up.

Working on the Baa... Monday, September 9

Today's mission: Push my fighters through their boxing, slay it at my own boxing training, and then get the next item designed for Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, launching soon.

Working on the online store and finishing the first line of items to be released:

  1. The Baby Beast Tank -- a bold mesh tank top for the ladies
  2. The Give-Them-Hell Hoodie -- a bold something for us gals
  3. The Iron Fist Leggings -- a badass legging for the ladies
  4. The Maverick Hoodie -- something for the men
  5. The Bully Bere Pant -- a unisex pant

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Adoption Day

 A year ago today Cassius joined my little family here in the Philippines.
And though he and Balboa are still not back to being cool together, he's absolutely in
love with Rousey and where ever she is, he is.  

My First Memory of Him... Sunday, September

A year ago today Cassius joined my family, and this was my Facebook post I wrote about him:
I was the smelly little broken boy in the back cage, the one with poop on my face. Amy, now my mom, approached my cage so I sat up straight. I gave her my best gentleman pose hoping she'd look past just how rough and dirty I was. Then, when she asked the store worker if she could hold me, I latched my arms around her. I didn't know if she'd adopt me but I wanted to hold on to that moment for as long as I could so I held her as tight as I could. And just like that, she saw in me something others hadn't and she adopted me.
He was this balding little puppy that looked straight from the street because of how rough he looked. He's bloomed into quite the adorable puppy though, with his fur growing out and growing long, and his broken tail no longer visible because of his long fur. I love him. I love all my four legged babies, of course, but he had such a sad start to life so it's my little Filipino rescue.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Sweat and Swag

Started my day off right, we a team run with the Acacia Sole Sistas +1 running team.
There were only a few of us today but the weather was gorgeous and we really kicked our own
butts and each other with ending our run with some mean sprints.
Was treated to lunch out today at a sushi restaurant that sends your food to your table as such.

Yup, leave it to me to order my body weight worth in protein.
I'm screwed, how the heck am I suppose to pick out the right screw when confronted with this?!
Renovations at the clubhouse continue as I attempt to fix up my office with some
picture frames that didn't exactly get delivered ready to hang.
First glimpse of what I'm been working on for Baa Baa Black Sheep.  It's a hoodie.  I've darkened it here so you can't see the details and please, don't ask me what the pink is on the hoodie part.  I can't tell you till I officially launch it... wink, wink. 

Black Sheep Arrives... Saturday, September 7

It was such great anticipation that I headed to BGC, did my errands and then awaited the arrival of the first samples from my new clothing line -- Baa Baa Black Sheep.  The two samples, a hoodie and a tank top, arrived at The Refined for me before I actually did so when I walked in, the bartender greeted me with a big grin and my delivery.  

I must admit, I stood there for awhile, starring at the two packages, anticipating what I'd see when I ripped open the bag and hoping I'd be happy.

I am a high-hoper.  

I get my hopes up high, perhaps too high.  Skittles says I set myself up for disappointment because of this and I know there's a lot of truth in his claim.  

"What happens if I don't like it?!", I asked out loud.

"But what happens if you love it?!", someone responded.

And so, on that note, I ripped open the first package and took a look.  Tried it on and then critiqued it in front of the mirror.  I like it, I really do.  I like both of them.  The manufacturing team did a great job which only reassures me 100% that I hired the right team to join my team and bring my thoughts to life.  There is, of course, some minor tweaks I'd like to both the tank top and hoodie but I'm really happy with this first draft of what they produced.  I know I didn't make it easy on them to execute my ideas and my drawings had a lot of chicken scratch details scribbled down around it.  

Tomorrow I have a follow up meeting with one of my manufacturing crew members, a fitting and discussion about what to twek.  He'll be then taking the two items and making the added alterations.  I feel like the return of them after that, wow, I'll have high hopes for that, for sure.  

Friday, September 06, 2019

I Am Klean Athlete

Busy day at the club with me doing some shots for Klean Athlete and Coach Marcelo being away. 
Sporting my Klean Athlete tank... I like it.  Not too sure how white the white will stay
but it's a nice fit and I love how it's a racerback tank top.
 Ringside shots taken.
One of my favourite shots taken. 

Come Back Soon... Friday, September 6

Day Two of training without Coach Marcelo and it sucks.

I've only worked with two of the other coaches at Team Insider, both of which aren't there in the morning when I usually train.  There's a new coach there but with the regular coach being super busy juggling all his fighters and Coach Marcelo's, I figured I'd let him off the hook with also coaching me.  So I trained alone.  It's nice to train alone sometimes but I must admit I'm eager to get Coach Marcelo back here to do pads with me.  I'm coming off of my head injury with rugby and should be getting the go-ahead to spar soon so I'm super eager to step into the ring for that.  

For now, I train alone. 

I prefer to train at the club despite having my own club because I live at my clubhouse and coach there.  It's nice to get out of it for the change of scenery and for a bit of social interaction even if it's fist bumping my fighter friends as they walk out the club door. 

A fighter's life is a lonely life; I can vouch for that.  You really have to be comfortable with being alone and that's something that has taken me a long time to get used to.  I actually quite prefer it on most days.  

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Boss Babe Boxing Mode

 I was supposed to go to a gym's grand opening tonight in which I was told Manny Pacquiao would be there but I had other engagements -- coaching my small team and rugby.
My small team stayed later than I anticipated so I never did get out to rugby but that's okay.

Not Intimidated, just Annoyed... Thursday, September 5

I was asked the day off the event to go to an event tonight -- a gym's grand opening.

I won't go into the details of my opinion here but will say although I did have plans tonight, a previous day's plans that I had to change to tonight actually, I refrained from attending the event because I felt it was a conflict of interest... a "conflict of interest", yes, most definitely.

I suspect the random messages from people are going to continue into the weekend.

I appreciate everyone's concerns and them looking out for me but it's really not necessary.  For me to feel threatened by the use of a similar name would mean I'd have to discredit my own value.  I don't know their business model or even why they called it why they did, but I know why I called my business what I did.  It took me well over 35 years to finally get to the point in my life where I could take ownership of it and really become me, more of me.  

I am empowered and I am Empowered.

Those who know me and know parts of my story, know it all to be so bang on true.

I'm not hating on this other place but I'm just not participating either.

I wish them good luck and those that know me know how I feel about good luck.  I wish them it.  

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Back to Business

My gal pal from Canada is gone but she's here with me in spirit,... and in the socks she gave to me.
 ...and also the loud leggings and badass top.
 Today's mission:  sort all the donations from the Lil' Sistas Clothing Drive.
I thought my funky-coloured leggings were super cool but you know what's just as cool as
my pants, these pants -- little penguin pants! 

Facebook Status Update... Wednesday, September 4

Coming home from boxing, I had the coolest run in with an Angkas driver who remembered me from over 2.5yrs ago when I lived in Makati. He was a Grab driver back then and I was a starving athlete/poor entrepreneur, coaching for free and struggling to find a location for my business. Now I'm a sponsored athlete, my business is incorporated and I have my own clubhouse.

That was my Facebook status update.

I often think I'm not doing much, that I'm working hard but perhaps not working smart and not being as productive as I think I should, could or would.  But then something like this happens, when I get a glimpse of what I have done.  That glimpse came via an Angkas driver that picked me up today after boxing; a former Grab driver I once had back in the day.  A lot has happened since that initial drive and today's drive.  
I form and legalized my corporation, Empowered.
I tested out a business partner and then went back to being solo with my company.
Countless location hunting and investor meetings only to go solo and change my business model.
I started the Lil' Sistas Project.
Launched the actual physical location of my company.
Did a 6 month entrepreneurial program.
Coached some large scale workouts for different institutions and started doing speaking engagements.
Maxed out my clientele list and started a waiting list.
Extended my Lil' Sistas Project to include a Snail Mail Program with a boxing club in Canada.
...and that's all I could think of off the top of my head.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

International Goodness

 Last chance workout with my visiting gal pal from Canada.
Coming soon... from my new supplier in China and I'm super excited about it!!!

See You in December... Tuesday, September 3

And just like that, she's gone.

My visiting friend from Canada left Manila today to meet up with her cousins and then to go to Bohol, another island here in the Philippines.  It was great to have her here, very cool to share a piece of not only my world but my clubhouse and my new home.  But just as great as it was, it was sad to see her go.  To know that this was just but one friend from Canada that'll be able to share and see that with me.  On a positive note though, I've been in the Philippines almost 3 years now and so far 2 friends have come to visit me.  Here's to hoping Captain Bowtie returns soon.  Joke is my office is really for him; it's his bedroom in his home-away-from-home.  

Once my friend left, it was back to business for me with me coaching a client in the afternoon and getting in a run in the midday sun.  Before we left though, we exchanged workout tank tops, that was a pretty cool idea of hers and I think I'll do that with more friends.  I definitely need to get more of my Empowered swag made, printed and out there for my friends.  

If only I could get my father to visit me.  He never saw what I created in Korea and that's made me a bit bitter, to tell you the truth.  No one in my family has seen it.

Monday, September 02, 2019

The Filipino Fighter Life

Today I brought my friend to Team Insider to experience how a fighter in the Philippines train.s
 Geared her up with some Empowered Slay gear, of course.  Conquer hand wraps.
And then I had her step into the ring to do a few rounds with Coach Marcelo.
Lots of hard training, lots of sweat, but lots of good times too and giggles.
And what better way to follow up with some hard training than some super clean eating!!!

Girl Gang Goals... Monday, September 2

I kept my morning clients but after coaching them, I had cleared the rest of my schedule so that I could take my friend to Team Insider for boxing.  So that's exactly what I did.  

AND... I sent her to the boxing club on her first ever Angkas.  

Truth be told, it was her first Angkas ride but it was also her first time on a scooter!!!

Only yesterday my friend arrived from Canada but already I've introduced her to my Lil' Sistas of Taguig, showed her my clubhouse and introduced her to my pups, and now I've taken her to my boxing club and put her throw a gruelling workout sweat sesh.  

Yup, I roll with the tough girls.

That's totally typical of me, to jam pack the schedule and make sure I hit some hard training.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

The Perfect Assistant Coach

If only I could make my friend stay in the Philippines.  She was the perfect volunteer. 
She was a HUGE help for me today with the Lil' Sistas of Taguig and I know next time I
go to coach them they'll definitely ask about her.  100% for sure!!!

Canada Touches Down... Sunday, September 1

So, big news, my friend from Canada touched down in the PH today, in the Philippines.  Yeah, that was super exciting as you can assume.  For sure.  Her plane landed at 11:30am but she wasn't able to leave the airport till about 1pm which meant I left little time for what I had planned for her.

Oh, and yeah, I totally didn't schedule in any time for her to deal with any dosage of jet lag.

Took her back to my clubhouse, showed it to her, introduced her to my four-legged babies, gave her time to shower, then gave her a cup of water, an apple and then popped her into a Grab.

Off to coach the Lil' Sistas of Taguig.

Yesterday I had the Lil' Sistas at the Center of Hope and today I had the Lil' Sistas at Holy Family Home, Taguig.  She didn't appear to be jet lagged and I'm pretty sure all the little ones running up to her and asking her name definitely helped to give her a second wind and stay awake. 

I quite enjoyed introducing her to my Lil' Sistas.  And I was ultra proud at just how inviting and sweet they were to her although I'll admit that I was expecting them to be.  But they were so very sweet to her, more than expected but I think it's also because she warmed up to them quickly.  They all got along and she was actually a perfect volunteer because of her awesome positive energy and willingness to jump into the action and participate.  The fact that she has boxing experience and has actually fought is pure bonus and is definitely more than I'd ever expect from a volunteer here, sad but true.

If only she lived in the Philippines, right?!  Right.

I think the coolest part of her coming today and seeing a glimpse into my life was just that, sharing a glimpse into my life, my daily life.  She's the first of my friends to see my life as it is, my life as I've hustled hard to make it into, and I really wanted her to be proud of what I've created and what I'm doing.  I don't have family here or close friends for that matter that I'd feel the same feeling I got when I introduced her to my Lil' Sistas and showed her my clubhouse.  I was up so super late last night doing renovations because I wanted her to love my place and feel totally comfortable staying here.  I woke up today with only a few hours sleep and then coached my morning fighters extra early because I wanted to leave some more time for me to do some last minute cleaning before her arrival. 

Later in the evening we met up with her cousin, the newlyweds, and all went out for dinner.

It was pretty cool to be the tour guide and pick out the dinner place and whatnot.  Took them all to my favourite dessert place, too.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Best Way to Spend a Saturday

Boxing today with the Lil' Sistas at the Center of Hope.
My newest Team Coach, Alona.
I love this picture.  Here's Alona laughing her head off as she does my warmup.
Props to my assistant Bella for helping out with some padwork.  It was her first time.
Much love to my Lil' Sistas, to ALL my Lil' Sistas.  They're super cool. 

A Beautiful Surprise... August 31

I didn't have the Acacia Sole Sistas +1 team run.
I didn't have the small team training either.
I did however have the Acacia Estates community meeting and boxing with the Lil' Sistas.

It was a long day with the Lil' Sistas but only because of the time it took to get there and back.

I left at 12nn and returned after 8pm.  

I introduced them to my most recent poster that a made, a poster with key training phrases and words translated from English into Tagalog.  Getting them to read it out so that my assistant and I could repeat after them turned into quite the giggle fest with me feeling like this was kind of a crazy idea.  Some of the words are so unusual for me to pronounce so I have no idea how I'll remember them because saying them was hard enough.

Tagalog is nothing like learning Korean. 

Korean is a super easy language to learn because it was created so that even the uneducated could learn it.  But Tagalog, it's got a lot of Spanish in it and it sounds just like their dancing, full of twists and turns but with my tongue.

When I arrived at the Center of Hope, I was escorted, like usual, to the upstairs room where I started to set up my stuff for boxing.  I noticed the room had been closed off and a sign reading "under construction" had been placed up.  Then one of them interrupted me setting up and took me by my hand to the sign.  It was then that they opened up and instantly I became this overly shy and speechless girl.  They had totally decorated that one half of the room with paper streamers and whatnot and on a table they had presented a card and some pretty flowers made out of paper.  It was quite overwhelming, to tell you the truth.  I just stood there giggling and giggling, hiding my face with my sweater because I was totally tearing up, and then I giggled some more. I totally wasn't expecting this at all especially considering my birthday was almost a month ago.  But that's the Lil' Sistas, they're so full of surprises and awesomeness.  Honestly, because of my Lil' Sistas, this was definitely an amazing birthday.  They're so amazing to me.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Boxing with Charlie

Super busy these days but not too busy to snap a picture with Charlie at boxing.
Who has the better stitches?!  I say me but he looks pretty badass with his.

Tired Rambling... Friday, August 30

Boxing with Coach Marcelo today after my morning coaching.  I'm eager to get back into the ring to spar but I just found out that Coach Marcelo will be taking two weeks off work because his girlfriend is expecting their first child.  Expectation date, September 6th.  Now I can't really get mad for him taking time off to help his soon-to-be baby mama but I guess this means for those two weeks I won't be heading out to Team Insider for training, well at least not any kind of padwork or sparring.


My rugby injury is almost done healing and soon I'll be allowed to tackle at rugby and spar again at boxing.  I do however have a weird bump under my stitches.  It feels almost like scar tissue.  I think it's either that or damaged muscle.  I don't know but I'll be getting it checked out next week. 

Oh, just a heads up, am thinking about pulling the plug on this homepage.  My readership is good but my attention to it is bad and my post comments is zero.  To stop it or continue it, that IS the question.  Feel free to leave a comment, your opinion, or not.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Special Deliveries of Support and Awesomeness

Collecting gently used clothes for the Lil' Sistas.  Got clothes?!  I can give them a new life.
Contact me... contact Empowered Clubhouse.
A little surprise gift got specially delivered for my four-legged babies today. 
Thanks Kyco Doggy Bakery!!!
Something special came for me too... and my Lil' Sistas!!!
Much thanks to Pinoy Keto for the sugar free, delish-packed treats and the clothes for the Lil' Sistas.