As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Korea on February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, reality TV star, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company (Flipside Fitness), CEO of my own boxing club (Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing), and now I'm launching my 3rd business -- Empowered Clubhouse.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and returned to Toronto, Canada. But then I left again. This time it was for the Philippines. That's where I am now, living in the land of the happy people. The struggles are real and the struggles are many but I'm living life on my terms, I'm calling the shots, and I'm doing what I love. Life is an amazing adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Training Mean with Klean

I'm not a morning person but if anything is going to get me out of bed, it's either coffee or food.
Today, at 4:44am, it was my food delivery.  Not too sure why it came so early or why the front desk guy at my condo called me to wake me up but I woke up and got it.

Took my Klean Endurance chewables to Team Insider today.
Thanks to my teammates who tested them out with me and an extra thank you to those who sported my Empowered Slay handwraps.  They've been getting rave reviews but I'm not sure who loves them more, the guys or the gals.
Train Klean, train mean -- everyone from Team Insider who trained with Klean today.   Loved it!!!

Team Support... Thursday, June 21

Took my Klean Endurance chewables to Team Insider, as planned, and handed them out to everyone that was there training, also as planned.  What wasn't planned though was walking into a packed boxing club and everyone being so incredibly on board with testing them out. 

Props to Team Insider!!!

It was funny to approach them all individually, everyone training that is, and ask them to try a chewable.  I told them upfront that I wasn't selling anything but instead had just become sponsored by this particular company, Klean Athlete, and wanted to see what they honestly thought of the product.  I then briefly explained to them what the Klean Endurance chewable does -- it maintains your energy level, sustaining it so that you can continue training for a lengthy time. 

Thirteen of us ate a chewable. 

I was sure to include the two coaches in on the testing because it'd be cruel not to.  To make them train all us boxers training at a continual heightened level wouldn't be fair so they each ate a Klean Endurance chewable too.

I loved it.  For me, it definitely worked and the proof was in the fact that I saved my padwork with Coach Marcelo to the last part of my boxing training before doing some core conditioning.  Usually by the end of my boxing training I'm running out of steam so I put my padwork after my warm up and shadow boxing, before I go and hit the heavy bag with bunches of punches and hard hitting combos.  

It was awesome to have the support of everyone boxing and I know that definitely helped to keep my thinking positive and feel-good-vibes flowing but I definitely also felt the help of the Endurance chewables.  Unlike other energy boosters, like preworkout drinks that make me jittery, the Endurance worked to let me reach my peek energy level and then it sustained it.  It wasn't about giving me more energy but instead keeping me at a level I had naturally brought myself to via warming up.  I took it about 40 minutes into my workout and there wasn't any follow up, post workout crash from it.  I felt good.  Definitely adding this supplement to my daily training.  What I like most about it is that it is from a respected company that focuses on clean supplements for athletes.  I don't think their focus is that of the average Joe and I like that because being that I'm a pro athlete and the demands on my body are so much different because my training is so different, I like that it focuses on this and addresses it accordingly.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Running Errands, Literally

Laced up my runners and headed off to Makati for a long run and to slay some errands.
When in Makati, of course I have to go visit Coach Bogs.
Always good to see the coaches.  I miss them.
This is what happens when I leave my camera out on the ring... someone always takes a silly picture.
Today it was Coach Bogs snapping a picture of his core.
Dropped by two of the parks while in Makati.
Went from pro athlete to entrepreneur.
In the evening I received a most unexpected but incredibly awesome surprise!!!

Going Clean with Klean... Wednesday, June 20

I am officially sponsored by Klean Athlete, a company I'm very excited and proud of.  They're all about clean products, hence the name, that are specifically geared towards athletes.  Their branding takes a rather minimalist, simple approach.  Their product packaging isn't flashy nor does it involve bright colours or a bombardment of information.  It's clean... Klean is clean.

Tonight Klean surprised me by showing up at The Refined with a bag full of goodies.

I was sitting at the bar at The Refined, working on Empowered, when they walked in.

I most excited to try out their Klean Endurance chewables.  They spoke very highly of them and I know of a friend in Canada who also shares the same enthusiasm about them so I'm eager to try them out.  Klean Athlete gave me 3 bottles of Klean Endurance chewables, 1 bottle of Klean Electrolytes, 1 bag of Klean Recovery, and 1 bag of Klean Isolate... all awesome, all fabulous.

Plan is to try these products tomorrow.  Bring them to the boxing club and have my teammates try the Klean Endurance chewables.  Let's see first hand what all this hype is about. 

Is it fact or fiction?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Full Day of Awesomeness

Mother Nature is finally letting the sun shine in, nice, so it made for a beautiful walk to boxing.
With Coach Adamson away in Signapore for Gab's fight, 
this week I'll be training with Coach Marcelo.
Every coach has their own style with the pads and for Coach Marcelo, it's about focusing on his body language because he speaks so gently and sometimes I struggle with understanding his explanation of something because of his struggle with English.  But so far, so good.  It's going really good.
After boxing, I ate one of my meals, cleaned up and then headed to my 3pm meeting.
 In July this will be my playground -- the rooftop patio at LoKal Hostel.  
 It's quite the spacious patio with lots of greenery and tables.
A lot of artwork too but a lot of amazing potential for my BoxHIIT Camps.  I'm excited!!!

Today's People Blessings... Tuesday, June 19

Every day I count my blessings and today much of my blessings were people:

1. Coach Marcelo
For working me hard on padwork while Coach Adamson is away. I love that straight to the body.

2. Terrance
For snapping some action shots of me while I was boxing, much appreciated.

3. Michael 
For buying Empowered Slay handwraps off me even though it wasn’t the final product. I loved your enthusiasim over them and appreciate your continual support.

4. Don
For letting me use your business' gorgeous rooftop patio for my Empowered BoxHIIT Camp training and for being real, honest and really honestly supportive.

5. Ralph
For most randomly running into you after my business meeting and you giving me a sweet hug and instant shout-outs and support about me and my business to your friends.

6. Elka
For randomly being introduced to you on the side of the street and your interest in interviewing me regarding my boxing and Empowered. Even if nothing becomes of it, I’m flattered you’re intrigued. 

7. My Condo Security Guard
For going out of your way to pet Balboa; I thought that was really sweet.

8. Bre
For your inspiring video you posted online and for responding to me with an encouraging private message. I use to teach you boxing in Korea and now you’re teaching me more about my “why”.

9. My Condo Front Desk Receptionist
For inquiring about wanting me to coach you. I told you I only train women and you responded with a look of disappointment and a cute little joke, I appreciated that and found it encouraging.

10. Skittles
For always checking in on me and being my family. You’ll never really understand the full worth you have in my life.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Starting the Week Off Strong

Day One of my food delivery with a new company and this is what they sent me.
Breakfast was coffee and.... OATMEAL!!! No word of a lie, just yesterday I was saying that I wish I could have more oatmeal.  I love breakfast foods, especially oatmeal, but so many food delivery companies send more Asian-style breakfasts to me.  I'd love a more Western-style breakfast, like eggs, oatmeal, French toast.
I missed shooting a picture of my lunch, oops, but it did happen.
This was what I ate for dinner -- Mediterranean chicken and wild rice.
Food IS fuel and I definitely needed today's healthy, hearty breakfast and lunch 
to get me through today's sparring with the big guy, Coach Adamson.
A little too much head butting today and some hard hits in the first round, but what else did I really expect for a Monday morning sparring session the kick off for his trip?!

Sparring Day... Monday, June 18

Sparring Day for me.  Haven't sparred in about 2-3 weeks so I was excited for today but I knew Coach Adamson would go perhaps a little harder on me because he has upped my training and now I'm somewhat comfortable with the intensity.  I didn't think I'd ever get comfortable training in this heat though but I am.  I quite prefer it too actually.

The plan was to only go four rounds but in the first round I told him to hold off a bit.  He was hitting a little bit too hard and it's almost as if I felt my brain jiggle.  He's got the upper hand on me with his height and with added height comes an added reach.  I'm convinced his arms are the same length of my legs so it's hard to get in a punch without taking one or really being more so focused on my defense.  My focus was to get in.  Whether that be to get in via charging him with bunches of punches or slipping under his jab to get in, I didn't know but that was my game plan.  

My game plan was good but fighting most of the four rounds as an infighter meant there was an excess of head butting.  My head to his chin about a dozen times, or so it felt.  I didn't have to wait till tomorrow to feel that.  I definitely felt it on my walk home from training and even at training actually.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Just Another Day for Me

At The Refined today a winner from a local contest was treated to a makeover.
It was a full manover.

He came in a super shy and reserved man but left absolutely glowing and so happy.

Honestly, it was such a sweet moment to witness so I had to catch some pictures of it.

It made me think of my father, after all today IS Father's Day.

This is the very last picture I took with my dad; it was over a year ago now.
Father's Day should be about celebrating your dad and spending time with him 
but I'm here and he's there, so I worked, worked, and worked some more.

Eight hours and 330 pages later... if only my dad could see what 
I'm doing here in the Philippines. 
Maybe he'd understand it, accept it, and perhaps even be proud of it.

Feeling a Bit Numb... Sunday, June 17

In the last 15yrs I've only spent 2 Father's Days in Canada with my dad and now the holiday is here again. I'm here and he's there.  I know that when I returned to Canada, in between returning from Korea and going to The Philippines, he really thought he'd have more holidays with me.  So did I.  My move to the Philippines was totally unexpected, one that I have no regrets, but it meant no more holidays with friends and family in Canada, my dad obviously included.  

My family never came out to Korea to see the life and success I had created for myself there so I'm not expecting it from them now that I'm living in the Philippines.  It hurts.  It really hurts and I don't think they fully understand that.  Just as they're hurt that I'm not there to spend holidays and time with them, I feel I am doubly hurt because they won't even get to share a glimpse of my life.  I could be selling flip flops on the beach or living under a rock for all they know, seriously.  I just don't understand how I could travel to the other side of the world and they not want to see it.  

When I was building Hulk's, my mother had just passed away and I thought it'd be the pull my dad needed to get him out of what eventually became a stuck spot in his life.  He still mourns the death of my mother which is totally understandable but he only talks of the past, his time with her, and he really isn't interested in making future plans or traveling.  I know he will never come to see my life here and I feel a bit bitter about it because I know my mother would want him too.  Consequently, the more and more I build my next business, Empowered, the less and less I share with him.  If anything, I talk to him about Skittles' business and how his parents flew in from Canada to experience it.  I'm happy Skittles has family that's flown out to see his business.  I don't envy him for that but instead find comfort in it because I don't think he'd be able to handle my situation and I wouldn't wish it upon him.  

I've lived outside of Canada now for roughly 12.5 years, almost 13, and it doesn't get easier not having family to visit you but you do become a bit numb by it.  You have to.  If you cared about it then it'd eat you up.  Instead, you learn to ignore it and you learn to care a little less about it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Way Too Much Going On Today

No excuses?!  Umm.... well, running on this treadmill might actually get me kicked out of this store, so... proceed with caution if training in a store.
I honestly thought this was a little kids bike until I almost crashed it and 
realized it's for injured people, how ironic.
Got into the boxing club today for some solid boxing but was faced with some 
serious distraction that felt more like destruction.
Nothing like some positive people to refocus me.
Not too sure on what exactly we're doing here but it worked to 
distract me from what was going on in the club.

Physically exhausted, mentally pushed, and emotionally challenged.
I definitely was pushed today beyond my comfort zone.
Perfect pick-me-upper, some solid lazy lounge time with Balboa later in the evening.

Heartache... Saturday, June 16

It was the usual routine today, that is until I walked into the boxing club and low and behold what should stop me in my tracks but a particular guy sitting ringside.  At first glance, he looked like Snickers.  At second glance, he acted like Snickers.  At third, fourth... the billionth glance,... he definitely appeared to be the Filipino version of Snickers.  

He was like the Snickers I first met -- intense at boxing and he only talked to the coaches. 

I couldn't stop looking at him,... seriously.

Even Coach Adamson called me on it during padwork.  We were in the ring, doing pads, when I kept on sneaking peeks at that guy so with every glance I gave him Coach Adamson tried to hit me on the head, the side of my face, or to the body with his target mitts.

Seeing him train made me feel nauseous but it also made me sad.  To see this guy training so hard and so into his game, just like Snickers, but knowing that Snickers went as far as he should have, could have and would have gone with his boxing.  Too many factors were at play with his family being a big one.  

I still think of Snickers, of course, but it's different now.  I use to be so mad and bitter at him, afraid of him and upset, but now I don't really feel much beyond feeling sad for him.  He taught me so much about pursing dreams and becoming everything I put my mind to it but he gave up on his own dream.  He stopped taking the advice he had for years given me.  He use to walk the walk and talk the talk, but now he's just like the very people who use to go against his dreams and call him crazy for reaching for the stars... hopeless. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

I Wear My Own Name, Thanks

I'm all about the bright colours and affirmations on my training gear. Am loving my new socks. They're no-name socks, cheap ones, because I'm not into name brands. I like to wear my own name if I'm going to wear any brand... Hulk's Club socks, nice!

Gearing up for boxing with my sweet socks on.  Rolling up my Slay handwraps.
Representing Empowered, loud and proud baby.
 Launched details for my upcoming Empowered BoxHIIT Camps.  Super excited about that.

BoxHIIT Camp Details... Friday, June 14

1,5000Php = 1 Month Camp (4 weeks x 1 session a week = 4 sessions) 
Sign-up is required only for the first day of camp and payment is required before the start of camp. 

1. Tuesdays at 6pm 
KMC Solutions, BGC 
Picadilly Star Building, 25th floor 

2. Wednesdays 9am 
LoKal Hostal, Poblacion 
5023 P Burgos 

BoxHIIT is a fabulously fierce full body workout that focuses on the fundamentals of boxing plus functional weight training that is appropriate for boxers but it's a sweat sesh for everyone, not just boxers. 

Components of the class include a boxer’s warm-up with footwork drills, guided shadow boxing, partner padwork, core conditioning, and functional weight training. The full workout lasts about an hour, it works your entire body from head to toe, and is as fun as it is challenging. 

ALL levels are welcome but SPACES ARE LIMITED! 

All participants are required to bring their own hand wraps (must be at least 4 meters long) and boxing gloves (10oz, 12oz or 14oz). For those who don't have their own gear, they can either buy gear from Empowered Clubhouse before the start of class or purchase it on their own. 

Also, wear runners, comfy clothes to workout in, a bottle of water, positive vibes, and be your fabulously badass self.

Sign-up is online at but remember, it's only for the ladies!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Power of a Little Boy

 I woke up like this... Balboa sitting on my chest, waiting patiently for me to wake up.
Me trying to trust the journey but having no patience today to fully do so.
Annnnnnnnnd... he's back on my chest.  
Midday walk means a midday talk with him on my chest, listening but waiting for me to cuddle him.
It had been a stressful and very trying day but I think Balboa knew that, hence the loads of extra attention and extra long moments of him sitting on my chest.  He knows it calms me down.

Boxing or The Meeting?!... Thursday, July 14

My 9:30am meeting got postponed.  I was told to "come back at lunch". 

My 10:30am meeting went on without me.  I thought it was being held at the original location.

Thinking lunch was around noon, I returned only to find out they meant after lunch, 1:30pm.  

So there I was, after lugging my bodyweight in boxing equipment around the city because I was suppose to go from one meeting to the next and then go straight to training, sitting poolside, wondering if I should go to this meeting or go to boxing.  I couldn't do both.

I went to the meeting. 

The meeting lasted exactly 4 minutes and I left having given a task -- write up a short proposal about what I had pitched to the condo property manager.

I'm trying to teach one of my BoxHIIT classes in my condo. 

An outside company is about to launch a Zumba and Salsa Dance class, I say the survey circling among my neighbours, so I thought I'd jump in and take the opportunity to try to launch my BoxHIIT class although this time I'll be offering it as a camp.  A four week camp that secures I'll have participants to train as oppose to trying to collect them every week.  A four week camp with the same participants also means I'll get to build upon what they learned the week prior and really take the class somewhere with their skills and techniques.  Four weeks isn't a lot when you consider it's only a once a week session but it's definitely a start.  

In July I'll also be launching two other camps, one at KMC here in BGC and one at LoKal Hostel in Poblacion.  In August, I have a third class starting up, a private one, at a local condo in BGC.  

The ball with Empowered is definitely rolling.  Very cool.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Full Sweaty Day

Sporting my new Empowered sweater... love, love, LOVE it though I admit I don't know how 
much I'll wear it out as such.  That's a lot of skin to be sporting in public.  
Not to self, get more high waisted paints.
Team Korea, racing towards what, I don't know, but killing it with a solid warm-up for boxing.
I'm not a fan of spinning for warmup but, sure, I'll double you Coach Marcelo. 
Where do you need me to drop you off?! Beside the heavy bag?
My name is Amy and I'm a closet dress-wearing boss babe.
I can't remember the last time I actually wore a dress in public but here I am, sporting a dress in the comfort of my house because, well, it's super comfortable and I'm doing laundry.
Late night sweat sesh in the condo gym.  Working on my core here... killer combo exercise!