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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Jesus Abs... Wednesday, May 9

Jesus abs, yeah, apparently it's a thing.  

You know it's a thing when there's a gif for it,.. oh gosh.  

I had filmed myself doing some of my ab exercises at boxing today when I went to post it on Instagram Story and discovered "jesus abs".  I had typed in "abs" for gif and only two gifs showed up -- one with #blessed on it and another that read "Jesus abs".  I clicked on "Jesus abs" and then posted it.  The response I got from my Instagram followers was hilarious.

"Hallelujah, his has risen... in your abs!", responded one follower.

I had no idea what Jesus abs really meant though so I Goggled it... because you know Goggle knows ALL the answers, right.

Urban Dictionary online defines Jesus abs as "having perfectly sculpted abs that make any one jaw drob at the sight of the goodly gift".

I came across a few articles that questioned whether or not Jesus would have had abs and here are the reasons one article titled "Did Jesus Have Chiseled Abs?", posted on Epic Pew, gave.

1.  He is God of the Universe!

Check And Mate! In what reality would the Creator of all give himself flab and extra belly fat? No, of course I’m not saying that God is vain. Still, if his only physical defects were those that are common to all mankind, he must have been the very paragon of health, and a beer gut doesn’t exactly scream “vitality.” Besides that, I’m certainly not gonna be the guy who belittles the appearance of the Incarnate God.

2.  He walked everywhere

…except for the occasion when he entered Jerusalem for the last time. He could have made them do it, but the disciples didn’t carry Jesus around on a throne. Take a look at a map of the places Jesus went during His years of ministry. Christ must have walked thousands of miles every year. Nobody walks, literally, everywhere he goes and fails to have a flat stomach. Don’t even get me started on the core strength necessary for walking on water!
He was a carpenter’s son, and carpentry is hard work.

Jump back 2000 years, and carpentry was even harder labor. [If Nick Offerman practiced his craft that long ago, he’d have the physique of Ryan Gosling.] Wielding nothing but heavy lumber, heavy stones, and hand tools fashioned of heavy metal must’ve made young Jesus as ripped as anyone. (Side note: Jesus had incredible spiritual power that he controlled in meekness. It seems probable that the same might be true of his physical power.

3.  Jesus was no glutton

A man who eats fresh seafood, low-carb bread, and had the discipline to fast regularly must have had a tight physique. Also, nobody can doubt that Jesus enjoyed the fruit of the vine. – He wasn’t accused of being a drunkard because he was a prodigious consumer of grape juice. And you don’t really think that the best wine served at Cana was called “best” because it was low proof, do you? – But Jesus, being a man of little means and great temperance, didn’t binge on beer or brownies. He could feast at appropriate occasions, I have no doubt, but he was also without fault.

4.  Genetics!

Some people can’t do a whole lot about the hand they’ve been dealt. DNA is awfully crafty! But the Messiah couldn’t have had that problem. We have it on the authority of many witnesses – think Fatima – that Mary is relatively slim, even if it is her glorified form. But more than that, half of Jesus’ DNA came by way of the Holy Spirit. – Scripture attests that the conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb happened by the Holy Spirit, and we know that a woman’s egg alone does not contain the necessary genetic material to result in a human. – So you know genetics were very much working in Jesus’ favor.

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