As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Korea February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. I was wrong. I stayed, launched my first company, Flipside Fitness, and then opened Korea's largest boxing club, Hulk's Boxing (now called Hulk's Club).

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and returned to Toronto, Canada. But then I left again.

Now I live in the Philippines where I am the CEO and head coach of Empowered Clubhouse, the Philippines' first and only boxing clubhouse exclusively just for women. I also am the founder of the Lil' Sistas Project, CEO and designer of Slay Gear and Baa Baa Black Sheep .Ph.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Pondering the Price and Gear... Friday, November 2

My four-legged boys, my dogs, have officially become my means of disconnection and distraction.  

I made a Facebook page for Cassius.

No, as silly as that sounds and laugh as you may, I should tell you here that two of my other dogs have Facebook pages as well -- Balboa and Pyen Chi.  My boy Pacquiao doesn't.  I haven't kept up with Balboa or Pyen Chi's Facebook pages for the simple fact I can't remember the emails I used nor the passwords I set.  Typical me to forget, seriously.

Balboa and Cassius are my go-to for when I want to shut my brain off business and boxing.

But speaking of business and boxing, I got the official go-ahead today from the Center of Hope in Antipolo for expanding the Lil' Sista Project to include them and to launch my Lil' Pow Boxing Class there.  I'm super excited about it as it starts this month, November 17th, and they agreed to reserve every third Saturday of the month for me to come coach their girls.  The next thing to do is make my massive order for the needed equipment.

The Lil' Pow Boxing Class order:
30 pairs of kids boxing gloves -- 5 prs of 4oz, 10prs of 6oz, and 15prs of 8oz.
30 pairs of quick wrap handwraps 

I have a total of 76 Lil' Sistas in my boxing class but it's two classes -- 26 at Holy Family Home and 50 at the Center of Hope.  Ideally, it'd be great if all the girls could be wearing gloves but it's not realistic at all considering I'll have to travel to and from the Lil' Pow Boxing Classes with all that gear.  At Holy Family Home, all the girls will be able to wear boxing gloves at once.  At the Center of Hope the plan will be to have only half of them wear the gloves thus train as "the boxer" and the other half train as "the coach" until half point in the class when they'd switch.  

Now the next question in my head is, what will I have "the coaches" wear?  Adding target mitts for them to use, like how I use them when I coach, only adds more equipment to the pile to commute with plus it racks the price up a lot.  I could have them do bare hand coaching like I often do with my group classes, where "the boxers" hit lightly and focus solely on technique.  

[Feel free to add any suggestions here!!!... seriously.]

As it stands, I've raised enough money through selling the Lil' Sista Hoodies and Empowered Caps and through donations to cover the costs of the 30 pairs of boxing gloves plus the delivery.  The delivery from Pakistan is what's killer though; it costs almost the same price to make the gear as it does to send it.  Harsh truth 101.  As for the quick wraps, they're obviously not as costly as the gloves, they're less than 1/3rd the price, but again, the delivery.  I'm getting the gloves from one supplier and the quick wraps from another.  The ideal situation would be to get both products from just one but my main supplier doesn't seem to familiar with the product I'm suggesting he make and I don't feel so comfortable with shilling out so much cash for something he's yet to get back to me on.

The short of the long story, this is going to be costly so now I'm going to be launching a second batch  of Lil' Sista Hoodies and Empowered Caps to cover the extra costs.

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