As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Korea on February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, reality TV star, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company (Flipside Fitness), CEO of my own boxing club (Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing), and now I'm launching my 3rd business -- Empowered Clubhouse.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and returned to Toronto, Canada. But then I left again. This time it was for the Philippines. That's where I am now, living in the land of the happy people. The struggles are real and the struggles are many but I'm living life on my terms, I'm calling the shots, and I'm doing what I love. Life is an amazing adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dreaming Big... Thursday, March 28

Second visit, totally in.

If the Backup House gets offered to me, I'm totally taking it.  And no, I'm not going to feel guilty about dropping the Reno House.  This is business.  Sure, I say that but I do feel guilty.  I don't feel guilty for the homeowner though, it's the real estate agent that I feel bad for.  She's really hustled hard for me and I respect her for that.  

I had voice my concern about this to one of my fighters.  She's a real estate agent too actually and she said there's nothing for me to feel guilty about.  At the end of the day, it's my money, my decision, and nothing has been written in any kind of contract either, so I'm not even legally tied to them yet.  

All is fair.

I know some people that are looking for a home so the plan is to pass them her way.  They too want to be relocated to Acacia Estates.  Actually, Skittles' parents are now interested in possibly buying a home there.  They'd sell their home in Canada, buy a condo, and then get a home here too.  They spend a good chunk of their year traveling to and from the Philippines and Canada so it only seemed natural for them to consider buying a place here.  Honestly, it'd be so awesome if they bought a home here.  I know that it'd give Skittles more of a peace of mind knowing that he has his parents here for part of the year and that they're comfortable.  I know it's in his dream goals to one day be able to buy them a house with the success of his businesses that he's launching here and I know without a doubt that one day he will be able to do exactly that.

That man has some damn big dreams, massive goals.

It's super refreshing but it's still a bit intimidating.

As for me, my dream goals include one day getting Empowered Clubhouse it's own custom-made house with a boxing ring right smack dab in the middle of it.  Slay, my boxing gear line, would be expanded upon to include various items I haven't yet made but have definitely pondered up.  Hustle + Heart, my smart athletic clothing line, would be launched and would have it's own store set up.  As for me coaching, I'd hire other female fighters to coach my fighters and would simply oversee the various projects of Empowered, of which the Lil' Sistas Project would become massive.  We'd be doing scholorships and internships for our Lil' Sistas to go abroad and our yearly donations to the Voice of the Free and the Center of Hope would make up our biggest chunk of moving money.  

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