As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Asia February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. Years later and I’m still here. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, reality TV star, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company (Flipside Fitness), CEO of my own boxing club (Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing), and now I'm launching my 3rd business -- Empowered Clubhouse.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and left. I returned to Toronto, Canada with Flipside Fitness on my brain, Hulk's in my heart, boxing in my bag, and my four-legged friend Balboa Button by my side. But then I left again. This time it was for the Philippines. That's where I'm at now, living in the land of the happy people.

The struggles are real and the struggles are many but I'm living life on my terms, I'm calling the shots, and I'm doing what I love.

Life is an amazing adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ending the Old, Starting the New... Saturday, December 31

I have a bit of a routine I go through when I'm heading out to training.

I chug my pre-workout juice as I leave my house and then crank on some beat-pumping tunes.

"Get it on the Floor" by DMX, "24K" by Bruno Mars, "Can't Hold us Down" by Puffy... and the list continues.

The music plays for roughly 25mins and by then I've just arrived at the front doors of the gym, my pre-workout supplements have kicked in, and I'm all fired up and ready for an intense workout.

Today I doubled my pre-workout sup dose.

I also showed up with 30 minutes till closing, expecting to do a solid hour to hour and a half workout -- boxing and weight training.  In all fairness though, the club usually closes at 7pm on Saturdays and I thought they'd be closing only as early as 5pm because of it being New Year's Eve.

They were closing at 3pm.

I wasn't going to leave until I got in a workout though.  After all, I had double dosed my sups and was wired.

Pumped out a solid weight training session in the limited time of 30mins and then, with my chest pumping and my head feeling like it was going to explode, I then got asked if I could help clip a lock in the girls change room.  I helped and I clipped it but in trying to prove just how strong I was (by refusing to give up though I didn't believe I could actually clip it), I placed on of the clipper handles on my chest.  I now have the exact pattern from that handle on my chest via what appears to be popped blood vessels.  Great.

It was New Year's Eve tonight and today I bought my dress.

I bought three dresses actually -- two right before that crazy, rapid speed workout and one after it.

I opted to sport the last dress I bought.  It had a slit that was pretty much hip-height and a dropping neckline (that, ironically enough) was pretty much hip-height too.  There was a lot of skin; so much more than I've ever sported in a very, very, VERY long time.

My dates for tonight's NYE celebration at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) were Captain Bow tie and Skittles.  They both showed up for the big occasion looking so incredibly dressed and so very gentleman like.  Captain with his three piece suit and bow tie and Skittles with his navy suit and hair so picture-perfect.  My two dates look so much better than me and all I had to compete with them and their charming good looks was a lot of leg thanks to that risky slit.  

The ROM is a gorgeous building to start off with but when we stepped foot into it and noted just how dressed everyone had got and all the decorations, it looked so incredibly pretty.  I love, love, LOVED all the sequence dresses the ladies wore.  They looked so beautiful.  The ROM always puts on a great celebration, whether it's their Friday Night Lives or celebration dinners, so it was no surprise just how out they went for tonight's New Year's Eve party -- the live band, the singers, all the free food, the balloons... etc., etc.  

What I didn't expect at tonigh's NYE party though was running into a particular someone -- a fierce female, one of my Flipside Fitness gals that I had trained in Korea!!!  I heard a lady call my name, I turned and there she was.  I haven't seen her since I was coaching and running Flipside Fitness in Korea -- pre-Hulk's Boxing days.  It's been about 5-6 years now.  It was so very cool to see her and I honestly couldn't hug her enough.  We chatted about our time training together and she told Skittles and the Captain about how she had turned my name into a swear word.  I remember snapping a picture of her standing on my abs, kneading them while I flexed them and gave them quite the workout.  Later on in the evening we ran into her again.  She had come to the party with her husband and her sister so her crew joined mine and together we laughed, sang and danced the night away. 

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