As the story has it, one day I headed to the opposite side of the globe – the Flipside. I arrived in Korea on February 16th, 2005 and thought I’d do a year, then leave. I went from being some random foreign girl to taking on labels I never imagined – university professor, film extra, professional boxer, reality TV star, CEO of my own girls-only fitness company (Flipside Fitness), CEO of my own boxing club (Hulk's Club, formerly known as Hulk's Boxing), and now I'm launching my 3rd business -- Empowered Clubhouse.

After 11.5yrs in Korea, I then picked up one day and returned to Toronto, Canada. But then I left again. This time it was for the Philippines. That's where I am now, living in the land of the happy people. The struggles are real and the struggles are many but I'm living life on my terms, I'm calling the shots, and I'm doing what I love. Life is an amazing adventure and this is my story of yesterday.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Problem Possibly Solved... Tuesday, October 2

I may have very well hired a 67 year old lady to be my main seamstress.  It's been a long process getting my other design team head to do the footwork with finding my material and getting samples made for me.  She lives quite out of town so it's incredibly time consuming not only because of that but because in between each other our meetings, there's about a week or two that goes by.  And what feels like work that could be done in less than a month if we lived closer to each other, it gets dragged out and is getting quite expensive for her to travel back and forth.  

I was at my printers when the idea hit me.  I had already asked her if she could make me a particular item and she agreed to it but I was told I had to get my own material.  I've gone to plenty of shops but haven't had any luck.  Today, when she saw me, she commented about not seeing me for so long (only 2 weeks) and she asked me where my material was. 

"I have my design but no material", I told her.

"I find you good material", she responded.  And just like that my problem of hunting down the right material was taken care of by this amazingly sweet lady, "the Original Boss Babe", as I like to call her.

Of course this is only a temporary fix.  She can't possible be a one woman team sewing all my items I've designed but for now this temporary fix is definitely something that is more than enough for me.  I just need her to do my first item and then, while that's being made, I can find a more long term solution.  I have two friends here with manufacturing factories so the idea is to collab with them, see if we can work things out.

Plan is to meet with her later this week and start the production of the first sample. 

I'm excited!!!

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